2013-2014 Estimated Undergraduate Cost of Attendance

The following is the 2013-2014 financial aid cost of attendance for undergraduate students enrolled full-time in one of the full-time divisions (Newcomb-Tulane College, School of Architecture, A.B. Freeman School of Business, School of Science and Engineering, School of Liberal Arts, School of Public Health):

Fall-Spring 2013-2014 Freshman Resident Upperclass Resident Commuter
Tuition and Fees $46,930 $46,930 $46,930
Room $6,862 $7,384 $1,600
Board/Food $5,138 $5,138 $1,300
Books $1,200 $1,200 $1,200
Transportation variable variable $   814
Miscellaneous $1,036 $1,036 $1,036
TOTAL $61,166 + transportation $61,688 + transportation $52,880

Budget Components

Tuition and Fees:

Tuition - $43,150

Academic Support Fee - $2,600 - The University fee entitles a student to use the supplementary services of the university library and the language and science laboratories. It also covers certain computer services and data and voice hookups, the Educational Resources and Counseling Center and other academic support services.

Student Health Fee - $640 - The Student Health fee provides all students on all Tulane campuses with primary care at the Student Health Center. It also contributes to health education programs, drug and alcohol counseling and the Tulane Emergency Service.

Student Activity and Reily Recreation Fees - $540 - The student body at Tulane assesses itself a Student Activity fee to support its activities. The Student Activity fee entitles students to participate in or attend supported activities, readership of a weekly student newspaper, and admission to many intercollegiate athletic contests, movies and lectures. Students are also assessed for membership to the Reily Recreation Center.

Room: The estimated room cost for resident students (not living with parents or other relatives) is based on the average cost of a double-occupancy room in a traditional residence hall on campus. The average cost of a double-occupancy room for freshmen students is $6,862. The average cost of a double-occupancy room for uppercases students is $7,384. Certain students can choose either on-campus housing options or choose to live off-campus. However, their room budget will not be increased to cover charges above these levels. For students living at home with their parents, or with other relatives, room costs are estimated at $1,600. 

Board: The estimated board cost is based on the average board plan offered to freshman through Tulane Dining Services. Upperclass students can choose between a variety of board programs through Tulane Dining Services, and the cost reflects this variety average at a frugal level. The estimated board costs ($1,300) for commuter students DOES NOT REFLECT the cost of any Tulane Dining Services board plan, but rather represents an estimate of what a commuter student might incur for meals eaten away from home.

Books*: The estimated cost for books and supplies is $1,200 for all undergraduates in a full-time division, with the exception of Architecture students. The estimated cost for books and supplies is $1,400 for Architecture students.

Transportation: For students whose permanent address is outside the New Orleans area, transportation budgets vary from $700 to $2,200. The budget is set by the student's permanent home address state and is based upon the average advanced reservation airfare for two round trips to the home state per year. The estimated transportation costs for commuter students are estimated at $814.

Computers: Please click here for Tulane University's policy concerning the inclusion of a computer purchase in an Undergraduate Cost of Attendance.

Part-Time Undergraduate Students in Full-Time Division

The 2013-2014 cost of attendance for a part-time full-time division undergraduate student (enrolled in Tulane-Newcomb College for fewer than 12 credits) is based on a pro-ration of the aforementioned budgeted costs.

School of Continuing Studies Part-Time Undergraduate Students

The 2013-2014 cost of attendance for School of Continuing Studies (SCS) students is based on the prevailing SCS tuition and fee schedule and appropriate 2013-2014 resident and commuter cost of attendance allowances.


Full-Time Division Undergraduate Students Receiving Special Tuition Rates

Any undergraduate students in full-time divisions who are charged tuition at a non-standard rate (that is, a rate that varies from the standard rate published for Tulane full-time division undergraduate students) will have a cost of attendance based on the same comparable full-time division undergraduate cost of attendance, and assumed aid from the home School (representing the hourly discount rate from standard full-time division undergraduate tuition hourly rate) will be included in the financial aid package so that the net of standard full-time division tuition and the assumed home School aid equals actual tuition charges for the students.

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