Financial Aid Cost of Attendance: Graduate/Professional Students

2016-2017 Fall-Spring Uptown Campus Graduate & Professional Students

The Financial Aid Cost of Attendance for Fall-Spring 2016-17 is the sum of the actual tuition and mandatory fees for both semesters (see Accounts Receivable), a book allowance for both semesters, and, for students who are enrolled at least half-time, a living expense allowance.

Book Allowance Fall-Spring 2016-17: $50 per credit hour, $150 for dissertation
;  average = $750 per semester, assuming fifteen hours of enrollment.

Living Expense Allowance Fall-Spring 2016-17:

  Resident* Commuter*
Room $8,862 $1,640
Board/Food $5,150 $1,352
Health Insurance
$3,030 $0
Transportation $2,188 $2,188
Miscellaneous $1,614 $1,614
$20,844 two semesters
$6,794 two semesters
*"Resident" is a student who is not living with relatives; "Commuter" is a student who is living with relatives.

2016-2017 Cost of Attendance Charts for Specific Graduate & Professional Programs (including tuition and fee assumptions):


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