Accepting Financial Aid Through Gibson Online

Scholarship and/or other aid may be viewed (in the "Award Overview" tab)but not accepted (the "Accept Award Offer" tab will not work) on Gibson Online, until Terms and Conditions are accepted in Gibson Online. See below for steps.

1.) Log into Gibson Online,

2.) Click "Financial Aid" near the top

3.) In the "Student Financial Aid" section on the left side, click on "Award Information, Terms and Conditions, Special Messages"

4.) When the Aid Year page pops up, choose the Academic Year in which you are interested

5.) Near the middle top, click on the tab "Terms and Conditions"

6.) Read and press the "Accept" button on the bottom when ready

7.) Click on the "Accept Award Offer" tab near the left top which should now be activated

8.) In the "Accept Award" column for each item, choose Undecided, Accept or Decline.  For each item accepted, in the "Accept Partial Amount" column, type in the amount you would like to accept.  Finally press the "submit decision" button when you are finished.  (Do not press the "Accept Full Amount All Awards" button unless you really want to accept ALL items listed, including any loan eligibility listed!)

If you have any difficulty with accepting your financial aid, please contact Tulane University Financial Aid by telephone at 504-865-5723 or 800-335-3210, or by email at

Page last modified on August 2, 2015.

University Financial Aid, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5723