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For your benefit, Tulane University Office of Financial Aid  has partnered with Jeffrey Hanson, PhD, of Jeffrey Hanson Education Services to provide you with financial literacy education during your time at Tulane University.  Dr. Hanson is a nationally recognized economist who specializes in working with student loan borrowers to explore all options available for repayment, including the possibility of have federal student loan debt forgiven via your qualifying public service employment and /or income-driven repayment.  Below are 11 reasonably short videos on various subjects.  This way you can view the video with the specified information that you seek.  He is NOT a financial advisor disbursing information on investments and/or other financial matters.

1.    Understanding the Unique Nature of Federal Student Loans  (17 minutes 55 seconds)
2.   Planning for Student Loan Repayment  (9 minutes 48 seconds)
3.   Exploring the Student Loan Repayment Plans  (33 minutes 30 seconds)     
4.   Understanding the Income - Driven Repayment Plans  (53 minutes 14 seconds)
5.   Revised Pay as You Earn (REPAYE)  (28 minutes 11 seconds)
6.   Estimating Your Monthly Student Loan Payments  (34 minutes 57 Seconds)
7.   Taking Stock of your Student Loan Portfolio  (27 minutes 18 seconds
8.   Developing your Student Loan Repayment Timeline  (20minutes 34 seconds)
9.   Choosing Your Federal Student Loan Payment Plan  (25 minutes 17 seconds)
10. Understanding Student Loan Consolidation  (22 minutes 11 seconds)
11. Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)   (31 minutes 53 seconds)



          Obtaining Your Student Loan History

          Income-Driven Repayment Plans for Federal Student Loans

          Loan Repayment Planning Worksheet         

          Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (Dec 2015)

          Budget Planning

         Seminar Evaluation


          Fin Aid  - The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid Loan Calculator




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