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Tulane Graduate or Professional Student Financial Aid Application Process (see below steps for school-specific information)

Hopefully, this will provide you with an understanding of the application process for Federal Student Aid as an incoming or returning Tulane graduate or professional level student. Please note that all applicants who complete their financial aid application file by the deadline will be reviewed to determine the maximum level of federal student aid for which they are eligible. Students interested in scholarships, assistantship or other aid offered by the graduate divisions should contact the appropriate graduate division. The graduate divisions award their own scholarship funds. The graduate/professional school decides what gift aid, if any, it will offer, and at some point will share their aid decisions with the Financial Aid Office. The Financial Aid Office then calculates (or recalculates, if federal aid has previously been offered) a student’s eligibility for additional federal aid to supplement the award made by the Graduate Division.

All Tulane graduate and professional students seeking consideration for federal student aid for the 2019-20 academic year need to follow the steps listed below.

1. Complete the 2019-2020 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for federal financial aid for the 2019-20 academic year, and use Tulane’s federal school code (002029). The FAFSA may be completed as early as October 1st, but must be completed at least two weeks before the end of the semester for which aid is sought (the deadline for a complete financial aid application file at Tulane).

2. You might be selected for federal verification once you complete your FAFSA. If so, you will need to provide additional documentation to complete your file. See more about this below.*

3. If applicable, you are strongly encouraged to complete the appropriate 2019-20 Financial Aid Addendum as a way to inform the Tulane Financial Aid Office of your intended hours of enrollment during the 2019-20 academic year and to also share other information.

4. Notify the Tulane Office of Financial Aid of any gift aid you expect to receive for the 2019-20 academic year (for example, no-work fellowship stipend, tuition waiver, scholarship, insurance plan assistance from the school, grants, etc.) from Tulane or elsewhere. As required by federal regulation and Tulane policy, appropriate adjustments to your award will be made if necessary at any time.

5. Use Tulane’s secure on-line portal (Gibson Online) to check for the items received for and required for completion of your financial aid file. If you are prompted for your social security number, comply with this secure confidential request, as this allows Tulane to add your FAFSA data to your financial aid file. It is not uncommon that a financial aid file may have requirements added incrementally, so you may want to check often. 2019-20 financial aid data is expected to be viewable via the Gibson portal starting in January 2020. By reviewing Gibson Online’s Financial Aid tab "Requirements" listing, you will be able to learn of any additional items that we may require before finalizing your award. Please take advantage of the Gibson navigation tutorials found on our website for assistance.

6. Once the Financial Aid Office receives FAFSA data, it determines whether additional documentation is necessary (for example, citizenship documentation and/or federal verification information). Once the required documentation is received and the financial aid application file is complete, the Tulane Financial Aid Office determines your federal need and makes its decision on the Federal Work Study employment certification and/or Federal Direct Loan and/or Federal Graduate PLUS Loan (which must ALSO subsequently pass a credit check in order to ultimately disburse) eligibility. When you receive your financial aid package, make sure it contains all gift aid you have been awarded from your school; otherwise, the package is not accurate and must be revised. We expect to begin making 2019-20 academic year federal aid determinations for incoming graduate and professional students during the latter part of March 2019. Please note that all federal aid decisions for students seeking a law degree are made at the Law Financial Aid Office. All federal aid decisions for graduate-level Medical and Public Health students are made at the Tulane University Health Sciences Center Financial Aid Office.

7. At least two weeks before the end of the semester for which you are seeking aid, accept the financial aid you are seeking to have processed via the Gibson Online portal, under the Financial Aid section. You must first accept "Terms and Conditions" in the financial aid section. Please take advantage of the Gibson navigation tutorials found on our website for assistance. If you are unable to take this step using Gibson Online, contact our office for assistance. However, please note the deadline still applies.

8. If you are accepting Federal Direct Loan/s, follow the steps for Federal Direct Loan processing, which may be found in the loans section of our website.

9. Please read the academic requirements for aid section of our website for academic requirements for retaining, maintaining and/or renewing financial aid.

School-Specific Information for Tulane Graduate or Professional Students' Financial Aid Application Processes

Your financial aid application file must be fully complete at least two weeks before the end of the semester for which aid is sought.
Suggested federal financial aid application deadlines for each graduate division are below, as well as additional linked information for certain divisions.

School of Architecture February 15, 2019 deadline

Graduate Architecture Summer Semester Start CHECKLIST
Graduate Architecture Fall Semester Start CHECKLIST
Graduate Architecture Power Point Presentation
Graduate Architecture Power Point Script

A.B. Freeman School of Business April 15, 2019
School of Science and Engineering May 1, 2019
General Graduate Students May 1, 2019
Incoming Students April 15, 2019
Returning Students May 1, 2019
School of Law (students seeking JD or LLM degree) February 15, 2019
Payson Center (at School of Law) May 1, 2019
School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine April 15, 2019
School of Medicine April 15, 2019
School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine April 15, 2019
Social Work Incoming Students March 15, 2019
Social Work Returning Students April 15, 2019

*Verification Requirements

Some applicants are selected by the federal processor for verification of information submitted on the FAFSA and elsewhere in financial aid application file materials. If selected, you will need to complete and submit the appropriate Verification Addendum and applicable documentation, which will be used to confirm data reported in your aid application materials. Your eligibility for all need-based federal student aid funds (Federal Work Study or Federal Perkins Loan) requires Tulane to receive and review all of the necessary verification documents. In some cases, the prior prior year’s federal tax information (for example, 2017 income tax information for the 2019-20 academic year) is required either through the IRS data retrieval process within the FAFSA or through a federal tax transcript. The applicant can contact the Internal Revenue Service for a copy of a tax transcript. The IRS has established a site that provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding tax transcripts. Students who did not earn enough in 2017 to file a federal tax return should complete the 2019-2020 Student Non-Filer Worksheet. Additional documents may be requested depending on the information to be verified. For example, some applicants may need to provide verification of Social Security benefits received by their family; others may need to provide verification of their Social Security number.

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2018-2019 Graduate Student Cost of Attendance

2017-2018 Graduate Student Cost of Attendance
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