Aid for A Summer Session

General Information and Requirements

Tulane University processes federal self-help funds (loans and work-study) to eligible students enrolled during the summer as well as federal grants for those who qualify; however, please note that Tulane institutional scholarship funds are NOT awarded to full-time undergraduate students enrolled during the summer. (Tulane institutional scholarship funds for graduate and/or School of Continuing Studies students are generally awarded at the discretion of the student's academic dean.)

To be considered for summer federal aid self-help funds, a student must complete the applicable summer addendum and meet one of the following scenarios:

The student has applied for and determined eligible for aid through the Financial Aid Office for the academic year immediately preceding the summer

The student has applied for aid through the the Financial Aid Office for the academic year immediately following the summer and has been determined to be eligible.

If neither of the above scenarios apply, the student is not eligible for federal aid during the summer term.

When to Apply

Students must submit the appropriate Tulane University Summer Addendum (available from the Financial Aid Office in mid-April), no later than June 15. Students may also electronically download the appropriate Summer Addendum once they become available:

-The regular Summer Addendum for courses taken through Tulane-sponsored summer courses
-The Summer Abroad Addendum for courses taken through Tulane-sponsored Summer Abroad programs
-The Graduate Summer Addendum

Federal Aid Programs

Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans
Eligible students who have not borrowed the maximum allowable for the year may be eligible to apply for loan funds to cover tuition, books, and living expenses for the period of enrollment. Students must be enrolled at least half-time at Tulane University, based on one-half of the academic year full-time standard. To be considered enrolled half-time, an undergraduate student must enroll for a minimum of two courses that equal at least six hours in any one, or any combination, of the summer session. Half-time varies for graduate students depending on the academic year full-time standard for the division.

Federal Pell Grants
A student who has not received the maximum allowable Pell Grant (100%) for the year may be eligible to receive Pell Grant Funds during the summer.

Important Facts for Summer Federal Financial Aid Applicants
Students who were not enrolled in a regular degree program at Tulane during the academic year immediately preceding summer or the academic year following summer are not eligible to apply for federal financial aid funds through Tulane for the summer.

Federal law prohibits the release of loan funds to students who are not registered at least half-time or who are not meeting other requirements of the program at the time of disbursement.

Because the summer sessions are so short, students should allow sufficient time for all processing to be completed and the loan to be disbursed while they are still enrolled at least half-time.

NON-Federal Aid Programs

Private Educational Loans
We will consider processing private educational loans for those summer students who are eligible as per the lender. Contact the University Financial Aid Office to speak with your financial aid counselor to coordinate the processing of the loan and to make sure other more desirable federal aid may be available.

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