This program supplements various specific courses offered at the different, undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools at Tulane University.  You should self-enroll in this program at (

The program starts September 8, 2014, and consists of three parts in which you participate by registering at the above link:

1)The free, open, online program Tulane EAPP: This project-based, integrated skill non-credit course offers a foundation in all the modalities of English (writing, speaking, reading, listening) and aspects (vocabulary, grammar, and socialization). The course is organized around projects typical to university life which require a range of linguistic skills.

2)The Directed English Studies program: This program is a method to systematically improve your English by performing independent exercises under the guidance of a language instructor.

3)The socialization program: This program consists of conversational partners, groups, and outings that provide a safe forum to practice English.

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