Basics of this free, open online English course.

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This project-based, integrated skill course offers a foundation in all the modalities of English (writing, speaking, reading, listening) and aspects (vocabulary, grammar, and socialization). The course is organized around projects typical to university life which require a range of linguistic skills: 1)Class discussions, 2)Plagiarism/collaboration/citation, 3) Participating in class, 4) Conference/classroom presentations, 5)Writing emails/reports/simple research papers, 6)Starting and maintaining conversations, 7)Identifying discipline-specific terminology and practices, 8)Professional relationships, 9) Speed/thorough reading, and 10) Academic testing strategies.

Outcomes of the course

At the end of this course, you will have the material to build an English Language Passport.  This will help you identify areas for improvement and the courses/resources that you need to be successful at Tulane University. 

How to do the course

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1)Watch the videos from each lesson.

2)Do the assignments, and post them on the blog.

3)Comment, like, and evaluate your new classmates blog posts.

4)Improve your posts and repost them until you demonstrated the highest level of proficiency that you can.

5)Identify resources that you need to be able to make your postings like the ELP targets.

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