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career insiderCareer Services provided by Tulane Alumna Mauri Schwartz (Career Insiders)

Tulane / Newcomb alumna and President/CEO of Career Insiders, Mauri Schwartz is a leading figure in the San Francisco Bay Area career management community with clients nationwide. She provides career management consulting and talent acquisition services at the organizational and individual levels, in group workshops and one-on-one coaching.

In addition to her success helping clients achieve their goals, Mauri is a frequent speaker at professional conferences, job fairs, and student career panels, including a two-day career workshop for graduating seniors at Tulane. Prior to founding Career Insiders, she successfully recruited and established recruitment departments for a diverse client base, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Mauri received an MBA from the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, where she is an Adjunct Advisor to the Career Services Organization, as well as a BS in Mathematics from Tulane University.

Because of Mauri’s special relationship with Tulane, Career Insiders offers Tulane students and alumni a discount of 15% off regular pricing for one-on-one career consulting services. Fees quoted here are based on Career Insiders’ current fee structure and are subject to change.

One-on-one Coaching
• Tulane discount = 15%
• Minimum of 1 hour on the topics listed below.
• Time does not have to be used all at once. For example, a consultation may include a 30-minute conversation followed by two 15-minutes follow-up conversations. Here are the most popular consulting topics offered.
~ Resume Development
~ Job Search Strategy
~ Interviewing
~ Networking
~ Salary Negotiations

Additional Discount
In addition to the special discount offered Tulane, consultation time may be purchased in quantity at a discount. This is most effective for ongoing coaching.
• 3 – 5 hours – 10% off
• 5+ hours – 15% off
• The following chart is an illustration of how both discounts together significantly reduce costs.

After Qty Disc

After Tulane Disc

1 hour

2 hours

3 hours

5 hours













For additional information, please visit Career Insiders web site at or call (415) 391-1794, email


crest counseling



     Marissa C. Deitch

     VP of Career Counseling

     CREST Counseling and Educational Services

Marissa has over a decade of career counseling experience providing individual career counseling to young professionals and experienced job seekers.  Her counseling framework is humanistic and solution focused.  Marissa earned a Master of Science in Counseling and Human Relations from Villanova University.  In addition to providing individual career counseling, Marissa offers group presentations on an array of career topics.

Marissa has helped thousands of individuals develop and implement career goals.  She believes that career satisfaction is essential to overall life happiness and works as a guide to help individuals develop meaningful careers.  She provides expertise on the job search process as well as the nuances of successful applications and interviews.  She is knowledgeable about the overall job market and employment sectors, and has expertise in effective job search strategies by sector.  As a professional career counselor, she can assist you to:

  • Conduct an effective job search: develop networking strategies, write persuasive resumes and cover letters.
  • Understand and utilize social media in your job search; Create your LinkedIn profile
  • Prepare for interviews including traditional, behavioral, case, technical and situational.
  • Negotiate job offers.
  • Apply to graduate or professional school.
  • Seek awareness and knowledge of self related to career satisfaction through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) career report and interpretation.
  • Develop and implement career goals.
  • Cope with career challenges and transition issues.
  • Create a plan to become marketable and competitive.

Marissa offers in-person appointments to individuals in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.  Phone and Skype appointments are available to clients nationwide.  She is happy to offer all prospective clients an opportunity to discuss their needs.  A discounted rate of $110/hour is available for Tulane graduates.  For more information:
Phone: 610-316-3117        Website:


Tulane University Career Center, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5107