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The Tulane Remote Internship Program (T.R.I.P.) allows undergraduate students an opportunity to work for national companies while in New Orleans throughout the fall and spring academic semesters. In addition to working 6-10 hours a week for their employers, Tulane pays for the selected interns to visit their employers' respective cities and offices at the beginning of the internship. This way, remote interns can meet with their teams, supervisors, and get a feel for the physical culture of the company. The purpose of this program is to allow students to get further exposure into industries they are interested in, as well as make themselves more competitive for summer internships through adding on work experience during their academic semesters.


Interested students should review the following in detail prior to applying. 


Approved Resumes Required in Handshake:Students must have an active Handshake account HERE, as well as an uploaded and approved resume in your account, to submit for these opportunities. There is a 24 hour turnaround once you submit your resume for approval and/or edits to be sent back. It’s imperative that you follow our resume guidelines HERE (Non-Business) and HERE (Business). Non-Business students are welcome to use the Business templates as well. If your resume requires edits or has mistakes, the turnaround cycle will reboot and this may impact your chances of being considered. You can upload your resume into your account ANYTIME, so it’s best to take care of that first while you work on your cover letters for the internships you plan to submit for.  

Academic Credit: Remote Interns will not receive payment, but will receive one academic credit (to be applied to the following semester) upon successful completion of your internship and required reflection paper. For second semester seniors, adjustments can be made so that the credit is applied to your current semester. 

Site Visits during Fall Break: Unless otherwise noted in the individual internship description, Remote Interns will be required to make a site visit to your employer’s office and city during Fall Break. All expenses will be paid for by Tulane. Applicants should not make alternative plans for Fall Break until September 29th, or possibly before then if confirmed you have not been selected for a Remote Internship.

Logistics: Remote Interns will work 6-10 hours per week for 2 months. Remote Interns will have the option to, or will at the employer’s request, work remotely out of the Tulane Career Center during office hours. Remote interns will have set weekly hours, check in and out of work, and complete weekly hour logs. You will have an assigned supervisor from the company who will answer questions along the way, hold Skype/phone check-ins, and serve as a mentor throughout the project. 


August 15: Internships Open to Students on Handshake

Click HERE to view all internships and create an account on Handshake

August 28: Fall Classes Begin 

September 13: Last Day to Submit Applications

*While this is a deadline, resumes may be reviewed in real time, so it is in your best interest to submit your interest as soon as possible.

September 19: Interviews Announced to Selected Students

September 18-28: Interview Period (
Skype and Phone, not in person)

September 29: Selections Announced
*At this point, if you have not withdrawn from the interview process by emailing, if you are selected you are immediately responsible for fulfilling your internship.

October 1 & 2
: Mandatory Student Orientation Sessions
*All must attend unless otherwise approved by Byron Kantrow

October 9: Remote Internship Begins 

October 12-13: Company Site Visit & Onboarding (paid for by Tulane)
*These Fall Break dates are highly recommended to reduce classes missed, but exceptions can be made based on availability and circumstance and must be approved PRIOR to applying.


Resume Drop Period: Internships will be open from from August 16 at 8 AM to September 13 at 5 PM.

Handshake: All jobs are posted on Handshake, you can create a Handshake login HERE. Tulane Remote Internships can be found by searching Jobs and then using “Tulane Remote internship Program” in the Keyword Filter on navigation pane. You can also access by searching for the company name as a keyword and then scrolling through to see which posting has “Tulane Remote Internship Program” in the title.

Application Limit: Students are only allowed to apply to THREE remote internships. If you apply for more than three you will be disqualified from the program.

Approved Resumes Required: Each of these internships require you to submit a resume for approval. In order for our career center staff to expedite the review of these documents, you must upload your resume in the following format - "TRIP - LAST NAME, RESUME." Once your resume is approved, you can use the same resume for all of your submissions.

Posting Instructions: Some internships require specific submissions or information. Follow specific instructions for each individual posting.





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Please contact Byron Kantrow, Director of Tulane's Career Wave Programming, at or 646.331.3041 if you have any questions.

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118