Quick Facts

Name: Torrey Fourrier

Class of: 2012

Major: Neuroscience

Current Occupation: Medical Student

Words of Wisdom: Get to know your teachers.

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Medical Student
LSUHSC – Shreveport

Tell us about yourself.  How did you come to Tulane?
I'm a Louisiana native who was looking for an out of state experience while still staying close to home. I liked Tulane's strength in research in the sciences.



Bachelor of Science, Neuroscience     2012


Present Day

What do you do?
I’m learning how to be a doctor!

How did you get to where you are today?
I made an effort to get to know members of the admissions committee before applying to medical school. It took a little bit of the pressure off during the interview process, because we had already been through some of the tough questions.

What are some of the pros of your current position or role?
I'll be able to improve patient care, treat disease, and prevent disease in a few short years. 


Undergraduate Experiences

What insights did you have as a college student?
Performing two years of basic research (and being able to explain what I was doing) gave me an edge for medical school. I volunteered for a year and a half at Children's Hospital of New Orleans, also. These sometimes tedious things were fun though, because I picked extracurricular experience that I was actually interested in and that related to my major.

What academic advice would you offer incoming students?
Kathleen Maier and our other Pre-professional Advisors! Kathleen's a wonderful lady, extremely helpful, and is willing to really make an effort for you if you do your share of the work in the pre-med track.

It will all get done, so try to give yourself room for electives that you enjoy along the way.

Get to know your teachers. We have such an open staff in the Neuroscience Department and they want to see their students succeed.

Discuss a class that had a significant impact on you.
An introductory course taught by Dr. Beth Wee prompted me to switch from Cell & Molecular Biology to Neuroscience. I figured out early that I enjoyed the Biology aspects of Neuroscience much more than the Psychology parts.

Professor Fiona Inglis’ class was amazing because of the journal club and emphasis on current research results.



What was your first job after earning your undergraduate degree?
I deferred my admission to medical school for a year and worked as an au pair in Germany. I lived with a family, watched their kids, taught the kids English, and learned German. I used and also looked a bit at for options in the United States.

Do you have any other recommendations?
Life is short. Don't be afraid to take special opportunities now. Medical school will still be there if you decide you want to go later and they'll probably like you better after you've had some experience. I can honestly say that it's obvious among my classmates who has had a year between and who is straight out of undergrad. Do yourself a favor and get some life experience before you're forced to go into the books for a long time. Get the MCAT out of the way and then enjoy your year off, if you decide that's for you.

I would have never known about the Neuroscience Summer Research Program if not for my Project Investigator. It let me get a great taste of all the different research opportunities in Neuroscience. It would be great if you are considering a PhD.

Contact Information


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