Myths about Job Hunting with a Liberal Arts Major

MYTH #1:  Liberal arts majors can only teach or go into sales.

FACT:  The fields of education and marketing are desirable for some liberal arts majors, but not all.  The field you choose depends on your individual interests, skills and experiences.  Your liberal arts background has prepared you for a multitude of career fields.

MYTH #2:  You must go to graduate school rather than begin a career right out of undergraduate school.

FACT:  Although a liberal education is a strong background for students seeking professional training in law, medicine, business or other specialized fields, you should not feel like you do not have a choice.  You do have a choice…several choices!  There are many fields in the world of work that requires well-rounded graduates at the entry level.  Some examples are writing, editing, communications, advertising, mass media, public relations, retailing, insurance, fund-raising, publishing and government employment.

MYTH #3:  Liberal Arts majors will never make more than $25,000 per year.

FACT:  According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, starting salaries for many liberal arts graduates tend to hover between $31,000 and $35,000.  It is also important to take into consideration long-term value of the degree.  With a degree in liberal arts there is more room for a career switch in mid-career, which can equal higher pay in the long run.  A liberal arts degree can be a gateway to a variety of professions that can have very rewarding salaries.

MYTH #4:  Liberal Arts majors can’t compete with more technical degreed graduates.

FACT:  Despite what you’ve been led to believe, jobs for liberal arts majors are plentiful and diverse.  There are actually more jobs available to liberal arts majors than to technical majors, especially in the business world.  Not only are there more jobs, but there is also a greater flexibility in career choice because of the versatility of the liberal arts degree.



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