Career Development Courses: CRDV 1090

Two courses are available to assist Tulane students through all phases of their college-to-career experience:

1.  College Majors and Career Choice focuses on career development and the decision-making process along with exploration of academic majors and careers.  Although all students are eligible to enroll, this course is designed for students in their first and second years who are in the process of exploring and defining academic and career goals.  In this course, students will:

  • Explore personal interests, values, skills and abilities
  • Examine methods of researching information on careers
  • Advance toward career-related decisions by participating in a variety of in-class and individual activities
  • Develop an academic and career plan with specific action steps to achieve both short- and long-term goals

2.  Job and Internship Search targets students who are actively seeking (or soon will be seeking) internship and job opportunities.  In this course, students will:

  • Examine methods of researching internship and career opportunities and employers
  • Develop and improve self-marketing documents (resume, cover letter, thank you letter)
  • Create a professional online social networking presence
  • Understand what skills and qualities employers seek in candidates
  • Apply techniques and strategies to succeed in interviews
  • Prepare for a successful college-to-career transition

Take CRDV 1090 and enroll in the section right for you based on your classification.Course Schedule

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