What Can I Do With a Major In...

It is important to remember that when you choose a major, you are not selecting a lifelong career. You are only selecting what type of classes you will take, what you will learn, and what skills you will acquire. To make a well thought-out decision, it should be based on an understanding of yourself, the curriculum, and the related career options.

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Remember, getting to know yourself - your interests, your skills, and your values - is the first step toward deciding on a major and a career. Take the time to take an assessment test; they can be very helpful to narrow and refine your choices. Consider taking the Do What You Are personality assessment.

You are required to register the first time you visit the Web site, and then on each subsequent visit, use your e-mail and the personal password you chose to log in. Do What You Are asks for your Student ID Number when you register. We recommend that you do NOT use your social security number as your Student ID.

What Can I do with a Major In...

The Tulane Career Center has compiled a list of majors with corresponding information about careers in those fields. Click here to begin your exploration of career options for majors offered at Tulane. Please keep in mind, your major does not limit you to the careers listed, but if chosen wisely may aid in your success. Major to Career Converter...

Also, check out's Major to Career Converter. It produces a list of job titles based on your major, then allows you to search for available jobs with titles chosen from the list.


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