This Page is for New Student Employees Only

Instructions on completing I9 Form electronically:

Step 1: Open the I-9 eXpress Web site.

  1. Click here to open the website.
  2. On the I-9 eXpress Welcome page, enter 5 digit employer code (14000) in the Employer Name or Code field.
  3. Click Go.

Step 2: Login.

  1. In the Enter the text above field, enter the characters displayed in the picture above the field.
  2. Click Continue.

Step 3: Complete the I-9 information.

  1. In the fields provided, enter your name, address, date of birth, and Social Security number. Name on the Social security card must match what is entered in the Last, First and Middle Initial field
  2. Select the appropriate option, and if required, enter your Alien number, I-94 number, and/or the last day you are eligible to work in the United States.
  3. Click Continue.

Step 4: Review your information.

  1. Carefully review your information. If any information is incorrect, click the Change Information link.
  2. Sign your I-9 electronically by selecting the check box.
    Note: To change the language to English or Spanish, click the appropriate link.
  3. Click Continue.

Step 5: Logout.

  1. Review your information in the Employee Summary section.
  2. Review the list of employment eligibility documents you will be asked to present on your first day of work.
    Note: The list of documents varies according to the citizenship status you entered in Section 1 of the I-9.
  3. Click Logout.

Step 6: Close the Web browser.

  1. When this page opens, close the Internet Explorer Web browser to ensure your information is cleared from the browser’s memory.
  2. Notify the hiring manager you have completed your I-9 information or if you are unable to complete your I9.



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