Resource Library 

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Self-Exploration and Assessment 


Decision Making 

Four Year Plan 

Beginning the Internship and Job Search Process 

Internship Search Strategy 

Job Search Strategy 

Navigating Career Fairs 

Guidelines for References 

Asking for References

Graduate and Professional School Preparation 

Preparing for Graduate School 

Graduate School Personal Statements

Brainstorming for Personal Statements

The Gap Year 

Curriculum Vitae Guidelines 

Curriculum Vitae Example - Social Sciences 

Graduate School Interview Questions

Medical School Interview Questions

Resumes and Cover Letters

10 Tips for a Great Resume 

Resume Information Sheet

Writing Profile and Objective Statements 

Writing Accomplishment Statements

Tips for Formatting a Resume 

Resume Example 1 - Research

Resume Example 2 - Environmental Studies 

Resume Example 3 - Economics 

Resume Example 4 - Communication 

Resume Example 5 - Political Science 

Resume Example 6 - Physics Functional 

Resume Example 6 - Physics Chronological 

Resume Example 7 - International

Resume Example 8 - Athlete 

Cover Letter Basics 

3 Steps for Writing Cover Letters

Cover Letter Example 1 

Cover Letter Example 2 

Sample Job Description with Tailored Resume and Cover Letter 

Interviewing Skills 

Interviewing Do's and Don'ts 

Interviewing Skills Overview

Strengths-Based Interviewing 

Phone Interview Tips 

Elevator Speech 

Tough Interview Questions and Answers

Typical Questions You May be Asked in an Interview 

Questions to Ask an Employer 

Writing a Thank You Letter 

Networking and Social Media 

9 Keys to Networking 

Networking Brainstorming Matrix 

Writing an Outreach Letter 

Informational Interviewing 

Guidelines for Contacting Faculty about Research 

Social Media Do's and Dont's

LinkedIn Resources

These resources are created and maintained by LinkedIn. For more information, videos, tips, and tools, please visit LinkedIn for Students online.

LinkedIn Profile Checklist: College Students

Building a Student Profile

Finding a Job or Internship

Networking on LinkedIn 

Tailoring Your Profile to Your Goals

Communicating on LinkedIn 

Building Your Personal Professional Brand

Using the Alumni Tool to Explore Opportunities

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