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About Employment with Teach For America

Teach-For-America-LogoBy joining Teach For America, you will lead alongside a powerful network of 53,000 leaders from all backgrounds and sectors. Like you, they are driven by their own ambition and passion to change our country and empower the next generation.

There is no one perfect fit for Teach For America. Corps members come from more than 700 universities, represent dozens of college majors and fields, and have varied experiences that contribute to their success in the classroom. Corps members' unique backgrounds make Teach For America diverse and give you an unparalleled opportunity to grow as a leader.

Teach For America’s research shows that teachers who have helped their students achieve the most dramatic growth often possess these characteristics:

  1. A deep belief in the potential of all kids.
    You are committed to doing whatever it takes to expand opportunities for students, often with a perspective informed by experience in low-income communities. You have an understanding of the systemic challenges of poverty and racism.

  2. Demonstrated leadership ability.
    You are able to lead others in a variety of settings, including those that are less familiar.

  3. Strong achievement.
    You are able to attain measurable results in academic, professional, extracurricular, and/or volunteer settings.

  4. Perseverance in the face of challenges.
    You have the ability to adapt to challenging environments.

  5. Long-term commitment to reaching goals.

You have a strong desire to improve and develop, both personally and professionally. After two years in the classroom, Teach For America alumni go on to pursue diverse and impactful careers. While many choose to stay in the classroom, others go on to influence education and create opportunities in low-income communities from other career fields.

Teach For America has always believed that to be an effective force for change, its members and leaders must be diverse. This is why diversity remains a core value at Teach For America.

Bringing your whole self to the classroom is key to making an immediate impact. Today, TFA is more committed than ever to building a community in which you can contribute your unique value as role model, partner, and ally. 

See some of the attributes of our 2016 corps members or learn more about joining Teach For America as a DACAmented individual. No matter your background, you can make an immediate impact on the lives of kids. 

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