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Ruthie Frierson


spacerruthie“It can’t be 50 years! It just can’t be … but I’ve done the math and 1962+50= 2012. So make plans now and come celebrate our 50th. This is also a wonderful year to consider a special gift to our alma mater.”

- Ruthie Jones Frierson, NC '62


Only In New Orleans

Our city is unique. Its rich, diverse culture, cuisine, festivals, music, museums, parks, universities and people make it so – and Tulane is a big part of why New Orleans is so special. Our citizens are passionate, committed and resilient, and have worked collaboratively across our community to rebuild a better city and region. Come help us celebrate!

Only At Tulane

Newcomb provided each of us with a “toolbox” that instilled values and commitment to community; fostered a love of learning for learning’s sake – in literature, history, the arts and sciences; and gave us professors who challenged and inspired us. Despite life’s many changes, our toolbox is a constant. It is what we can count on now and for the rest of our lives. It is the foundation that has prepared us for the paths we choose and for the challenges ahead – whatever, wherever and whenever they may be.

Only Us

A super weekend of activities and events are planned for out 50th anniversary weekend, and it will be a great time for us to get together to catch up with old friends and acquaintances, reminisce and revisit our campus. Since Hurricane Katrina, the entire Tulane community, under the extraordinary leadership of President Scott Cowen, has played a pivotal role in every area of our city’s recovery. So many of you have been among the millions of Americans who have helped rebuild our city, and this makes me especially proud to be a part of this great institution.


Jerry Greenbaum



Jerry Greenbaum, B '62


Only In New Orleans

I have said this many times: New Orleans is probably the only place you can go in the United States where you can walk into any number of bars, sit down and within 30 minutes it’s like you’ve been there all your life. People are as congenial and friendly as can be, including customers, staff, and even tourists who come to New Orleans. In New Orleans, people open up. The whole city just evokes a happiness to it, and a friendliness. New Orleans is a different kind of place. And it is a place where people are successful and doing well in their chosen profession. One big difference is the pressure level is less.

My wife and I have been coming back here 2-3 times a year for 50 years, and we recently bought a home and moved here to live for six months of the year. We have the ability to live anywhere we want to in the world, and we chose New Orleans.

Only At Tulane

There was nothing I could imagine that I would want out of a college that Tulane didn’t offer. Tulane changed my life. It was the undergraduate experience of a lifetime. Tulane is a great place to get an education, but there are thousands of places to get a good education. It’s the ability to combine that education with the lifestyle that you learn in New Orleans, that’s the real draw. Because how many schools are there like Tulane where you can get a good education, have fun and, nowadays, also serve the community?

When we were in college, we were just going to college, learning and having fun. In 50 years that’s changed. Students are aware of everything, they are socially interested. Just look at everything they are doing to help our city. There is a different culture now than there was then. But Tulane is still a great place to have a lot of fun. And that’s not to say it’s a goof-off school, it’s tough. Tulane is an experience that will change your life for the better.

Only Us

If you haven’t been to the university in 50 years or in 20 years, then you need to come and see what’s going on. And not so much just the physical presence, which is very impressive. More important, look at the people. Look at the staff, look at the professors, look at the kids. See what kind of people we have here at the university. You will be so proud. It will grab you. You will want to be a part of the school. And being a part of it, you will want to, within your means available, consider Tulane as one of your premier charitable donations. We are all bombarded by opportunities to give money, and there are a lot of pet charities that are important. But anything you are comfortable doing to give to the school will make a difference.

We want to get you to come down here for homecoming and see what’s going on. It’s a selfish motive because we know that when you do come here, you’ll be more likely to support the school. Tulane needs money to continue on the wonderful path it’s on. Please help.


Bob Tessler


“New Orleans is unique and Tulane is the essence of that uniqueness.”

- Bob Tessler B '62


Only In New Orleans

The partnership between the university and the city has been extraordinary. Tulane stands on its own, but being in New Orleans is a major attraction. The history, the culture, the multiculturalism, the survival and the growth of the city never fail to impress me. The social experience of Tulane and New Orleans enhanced my career and my life. I had the opportunity to interact with so many students from all over the world and I still come back once a year or every other year.

Only At Tulane

Tulane is an easy sell. I was active in the Admissions Office for the university and would speak to high school students considering Tulane for their undergraduate and graduate schooling, and I didn’t have to work hard to explain how wonderful this institution is: the social opportunities, the extraordinary educational opportunities, the exclusivity of the school in terms of numbers, the experience, the city, the camaraderie of the people, the staying in touch with so many Tulanians after graduation. Tulane students have common objectives, common goals and common experiences that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Only Us

The purpose of our reunion is to meet old acquaintances, trade stories and enjoy the university that played such an important role in our lives.


 Thursday, November 1, 2012

Emeritus Club Induction Ceremony - Alumni House
10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Reception at President Cowen’s home for Reunion Classes of 1962, 1957, 1952, 1947, 1942 and 1937
3:30 - 5 p.m.

Friday, November 2, 2012

WAVE ’12 party – Lavin-Bernick Center, Second Floor – Uptown Campus
6 - 9 p.m.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

  Homecoming Football Game
2:30 p.m.

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Alumni & Reunions Weekend, 504-865-5794, 888-265-7576