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Constantine Georges


Rob Goldstein

Rob Goldstein Photo


Kay McArdle

TulaneNewcomb/Tulane has been an important part of my life. I want to give back to Tulane because it gave me a good foundation for life. I value my Newcomb/Tulane friends and the excellent education that I received. Tulane is considered a Premier institution and we need to ensure it remains competitive with other top institutions by sending our support. Let's show Tulane that the class of 1977 cares about its future. " 

 Kay McArdle, NC'77, B'78


Only in New Orleans

Tulane is the premier university in New Orleans, a city that gave me so many opportunities to meet people from all different parts of the world. New Orleans is an environment that offers the best of many worlds: a first-rate university as well as great food, music, history and culture.


Only at Tulane

Tulane is a great university. I appreciate and continue to reap the rewards of the the excellent education I received there. More than other universities, Tulane has integrated into the city and is really educating students to become involved in the community as responsible leaders. The university has played a very important part in the recovery of New Orleans, and we can be proud of all the school has done.


Only Us

Tulane had an important impact on our lives.  Many of our best friends are still the people we met when we were undergraduates at Tulane.  The university opened many doors for me and was a very important part of my success in life.  Our 35th reunion is the perfect opportunity to express our appreciation and support for a place that has given so much to us.



Rick Powell

Rick Powell

“The quality of Tulane’s current students speaks well for us. We need them to succeed as we did!”

- Rick Powell, A'77


Only In New Orleans

Remember getting off the plane and being hit with heat and humidity? We were so happy and excited to be in New Orleans, a city that always makes us feel welcome. That relationship with the New Orleans community has meant so much to the university and so much to me. We had amazing opportunities to befriend locals and a seemingly limitless selection of things to enjoy. The campus and the area around it are in better shape today than they ever were, and I invite you to join us there on November 2.

Only At Tulane

Remember eating raw oysters on hot afternoons and walking over to watch football games or even the Sugar Bowl on campus? Things have changed so much. My freshman year as an architecture student, our studio was in the attic of Stanley Thomas Hall without air conditioning and, of course, without computers. We also participated in civic engagement. Tulane has been working in the community for decades, and today’s students are taking our legacy to the next level through the university’s Tulane Empowers initiatives. This is crucial because the perception of the value of our degrees is based on the reputation of the institution today.

Only Us

If you don’t feel a sense of obligation to express your gratitude for all of the experiences and knowledge that you gained at Tulane, then I have a suggestion. If you’re a wise investor, then there’s no other institution that will give you as big a bang for your buck and make as large a difference with your gift. Tulane’s endowment is growing, but it possesses a third of what its peer institutions have. When Tulane gets a dollar, it is wisely invested and makes a huge impact. I hope you share my enthusiasm and join me in contributing to this year’s class gift.  By giving today in honor of our 35th reunion, dedicated alumni like us can help Tulane continue to attract the most talented students and profoundly impact future generations of alumni.


Karen Senter

photo"There are so many positive things going on at Tulane and in New Orleans, and I am happy to give back." 

--Karen Keil Senter, NC'77


Only in New Orleans

Where else can you eat three giant meals a day – and pretend you're still hungry – listen to jazz from breakfast until dawn, see amazing artwork and watch the artist, be at the airport in 20 minutes and still enjoy a cocktail on the street?


Only at Tulane

Only at Tulane can you enjoy a grand crawfish boil on the quad, run barefoot in the rain, have incredible conversations with friends under the oak trees – and still get a great education with a global view on life.


Only Us

Many of our best friends are still the people we met when we were students at Tulane, having tea with the dean, watching Tulane beat LSU, laying out on the beach, and frequenting all the places that made our educational experience so unique: Gambino's, Mile High Pie at The Pontchartrain, Bruno's, The Boot, lunches at sorority and fraternity houses, and midnight snacks at Camellia Grill and Popeye's.  Our 35th reunion is the perfect opportunity to express our appreciation and support for a place that has given so much to us.

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