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Lori Geraci Karaosmanoglu

Lori Karaosmanoglu





"I'm proud that Tulane has thrived since Katrina and has had a major role in the re-building of New Orleans. If you come to the reunion and visit the city, you will see many areas that still need work, but Tulane students are there helping to make it a better place." - Lori Geraci Karaosmanoglu, NC'87, G'89



Only in New Orleans

Growing up in New Orleans, I took its old world charm and quirkiness for granted. Doesn't every city close down for parades and parties each year, and have cemeteries all over?  It was a lot of fun to watch my friends develop a love and attachment to a very special and unique city.


Only at Tulane

Having gone through the college search with two children, I am grateful that I had classes taught by knowledgeable professors who were always accessible and enthusiastic about working with students. Even after graduation, I was supported and helped with job searches. I am very happy that my son will benefit from the same environment when he attends Tulane this fall.


Only Us

I give back to Tulane because it gave a lot to me.  My Tulane experience reinforced my pride in New Orleans and fostered a love for academic life and pursuits. I am very excited that this tradition continues today, but with a strong commitment of service to the city and the greater world.



Alan Lawrence

AlanLawrence's Image

Alan Lawrence is a partner at Arnold and Porter in New York where he represents institutional lenders and funds in all aspects of real estate financings and restructurings and investors in the acquisition, development, and operation of commercial properties. Lawrence earned his bachelor of arts, magna cum laude, at Tulane and graduated from law school at the University of Pennsylvania where he was an associate editor and special projects editor of the University of Pennsylvania Law Review.

Lawrence has enjoyed travel to Europe for both business and pleasure since his Junior Year Abroad in Madrid, Spain. He has since established The Alan W. Lawrence Research Fund at Newcomb-Tulane College to support student-initiated research in the fields of political science or international relations and the Alan Lawrence Fund for Faculty Research and Travel Abroad at the School of Liberal Arts to enable faculty to conduct research or participate in conferences and seminars internationally.

Lawrence currently serves on the dean’s advisory council for the School of Liberal Arts.


Steve Slattery

slattery portrait for TUspace "Tulane was the ultimate collegiate experience.  And New Orleans is an iconic city whose sirens continue to call.  Tulane's vibrant alumni network keeps me close to the university and city that I love." - Steve Slattery, A&S'87


Only in New Orleans

Living and learning at Tulane was an exhilarating cocktail of new ideas, people, and experiences. I explored my interest in political and economic ideas, forged lifelong friendships, and developed passions for New Orleans food and culture, thoroughbred horseracing, and Tulane athletics.


Only at Tulane

Upon returning to my hometown of Washington, D.C., I began a career in organizations that advance the ideals of liberty and free markets. I currently serve as executive vice president of The Fund for American Studies, which educates college students about America's founding principles through academic programs on four continents.  My wife, Julieta, and I are also realtors, representing clients in residential real estate from the Washington area to the Chesapeake Bay.

I have stayed connected to Tulane through its Washington, D.C. Alumni Club. In four years as club president, I befriended numerous Tulanians while organizing crawfish boils, Mardi Gras balls, receptions for incoming freshmen and football pre-game parties for the Green Wave faithful.  This local alumni work propelled me to a seat on the Tulane Alumni Association's board and to the organization's presidency in 2007-2008.   


Only Us

Today, Tulane and New Orleans are better than ever, and I look forward to sharing an exciting reunion weekend with my classmates this November.

Alumni & Reunions Weekend, 504-865-5794, 888-265-7576