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Karen Goldman

391929_10150414674651415_622521414_8597939_154997317_n“The reunion gives you a chance to connect with college friends and experience all of the wonderful additions to the campus. Events during reunion weekend will add to your special memories of New Orleans and Tulane.”

- Karen Goldman, NC'97


Only In New Orleans

Visiting New Orleans during high school sealed the deal. Not only was I able to enjoy Mardi Gras festivities and meet up with some of my local friends, but I also toured the campus. The smell of magnolias, expansive quads and a friendly student body made my decision easy. My father was thrilled that I fell in love with New Orleans just like he did prior to attending Tulane. Not only is my father a Tulane alumnus, but my family also followed in my footsteps. My brother, his wife and my first cousin headed down south to experience Tulane, too.

Only At Tulane

If you look closely, beyond the French Quarter and the stately architecture along St. Charles Avenue, you will uncover in New Orleans extreme poverty, an unfortunate high rate of crime and many people struggling. I am inspired, as the past vice president of philanthropy at Kappa Alpha Theta at Tulane, to see how students since Katrina have embraced civic engagement and a commitment to volunteerism. My experiences at Tulane drove me to help others and directly give back to my local community.

Only Us

Why do I give back to Tulane? I give back because Tulane has given me so much. The academic foundation has been instrumental in the successes I have enjoyed in my professional endeavors. Tulane’s small size allowed me to personally connect with my professors, actively participate in classes and receive academic support. When I give to Tulane, I feel as though I am also giving students the same opportunities I was so fortunate to have at Tulane.

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