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Meredith Beers

Meredith Beers



“There really is something for everyone in New Orleans, and Tulane does an amazing job of making opportunities available.”

- Meredith Beers NC '07, PHTM '11



Only In New Orleans

We were so excited to come to New Orleans. I loved being able to hang out at the Fly at any time, and there were always great music festivals and plenty of friends on campus who wanted to go downtown to the French Market or anywhere else. And there are more exceptional restaurants in New Orleans than in most other cities. That is one reason our parents often felt just as excited to visit New Orleans as we were to live there. When parents came to town they’d usually take everyone out to dinner. We could eat at a different and totally unique place every day, from Brennan’s to Commander’s to Emeril’s and so much more. New Orleans is not a mainline city. There is really no replacement.

Only At Tulane

The undergraduates today are incredibly smart. They represent the whole package of what embodies Tulane. Like us, they work hard and play hard. At Tulane, we knew how to do it right. We went to the library, really studied hard, learned incredible things and enjoyed ourselves when exams ended. And there were so many ways to do it! It wasn't’ just going to the Boot, but festivals every weekend and continual live music by artists like Trombone Shorty.

Amazing things are happening on campus now, too, including special classes during spring break for undergraduates interested in business. It’s a great opportunity for today’s students to learn about themselves, their interests and what’s going on in New Orleans. I want to invite you back to campus to see all the progress, all our friends and to relive all the good times we shared.

Only Us

Our years at Tulane were clearly marked by Hurricane Katrina. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I went to college, but Tulane helped me grow up. I learned about disaster management when Katrina hit and that’s what I do now. So many of us faced similar growing pains and experiences and now we have a chance to give back to our alma mater. Many of our classmates have already given in honor of our 5th reunion. Please join us in making a gift to Tulane to celebrate this milestone in our lives. Make your contribution to the Class of 2007 now to help continue our legacy.


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