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Jordan Bryan

Jordan Bryan



"I love the tight-knit student community at Tulane and how integrated the university is with the city of New Orleans.”

- Jordan Bryan SE '12




Only In New Orleans

New Orleans is incredibly unique. The city has it all, and I love the celebratory atmosphere. As you know, you can go anywhere at any time and everyone is always ready to have a good time. There is no place like it in the world, just as there is really no university quite like Tulane.

Only At Tulane

We not only grew up and learned so many things on campus, we also had unforgettable experiences in the community…and lots of fun. Whether eating delicious crawfish at Crawfest or enjoying homecoming at the Superdome, we always had an excellent time. As we head out in 2012, it’s easy to lose track of everyone. That’s why it’s important to keep up with your friends and spend time with them personally. And where’s a better place to do that than at Tulane and in New Orleans?

Only Us

Tulane has given us so much over the years and we need to give back in order for the university to provide the next generation with the same level of quality that we received. Some of our classmates have already given, and I ask you to join us in making a gift to Tulane to celebrate this milestone in our lives. Make your contribution to the Class of 2012 now to help celebrate our graduation year!







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