Robert Boudreaux and Scott CowenspacerFEATURED DONORS

Robert Boudreau (left), '51, '53, exemplified the spirit of Tulane alumni giving. Every time he saw President Scott Cowen (right), Bobby made sure to give him at least a $1 donation to Tulane, because he knew that every dollar mattered.

Bobby's enthusiasm is contagious, and his generosity is legendary. His public displays of generosity demonstrated beautifully that there is no gift too small to make a difference.

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Featured Donor Bill Beam   A&S `80

"Financial enhancements to Tulane guarantee that our alma mater continues to grow both academically and athletically."


Featured Donor Howard Singer  A&S`85 and Suellen Krieger Singer  NC`85

"We're glad to be able to give back to Tulane, since it has been such an important part of our lives."

Featured Donor Jeanne Olivier  NC`75

"Tulane responsibly spends the money people give. They look at contributions as an opportunity to manage well. You can see the results."


Featured Donor Jill Henkin Glazer  NC`85

"I'm thoroughly enjoying giving back to an institution that has given me so much."

Featured Donor Anne E. Morgan  NC`05

"Attending Tulane was truly the best decision I have made in my life. I learned to work hard and play hard. I give to Tulane because I want it to be there in the future for other generations to enjoy as much as I did!"

Featured Donor Rick Rees  A&S`75 B`75

"There are so many positive things going on at Tulane and in New Orleans, and I am happy to help support my alma mater."

Featured Donor Judy Schwartz  NC `80

"How can you not support Tulane and New Orleans? Now we are in a time in our lives that we are able to be charitable, and Tulane should be one of the recipients."


Featured Donor Kathryn Spruill Roman  NC`05 B`07

"When I look at Tulane's role in the local New Orleans community and the larger global community, I can't help but feel proud to support our university with my time and donation."

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