Required Courses

The coordinate major Musical Cultures of the Gulf South first requires students to declare a major in another discipline before declaring the MCGS coordinate major. The program is an interdisciplinary, 27-credit program that requires courses in Music, Anthropology, History, Theater and Dance, and has elective offerings in English, African Diaspora Studies, Communication, and French.

There are three required core courses:

MCGS 2000 -- Introduction to the Musical Cultures of the Gulf South (Bruce Raeburn, Beverly Trask, Thomas Adams, Richard Campanella)

MUSC 1900 -- The Music of New Orleans (Matt Sakakeeney)

ANTH 3395 --  Ethnography of Performance and Identity in New Orleans and French Louisiana (Nick Spitzer)



From among the courses listed below, students must take a 3000 level or above course from the courses listed below in the fields of Music, History, and Anthropology. Students will take a minimum of 3 additional electives or nine credits from the courses listed in the major in order to reach a minimum of 27 credits for the major.  A total of two 1000-level courses can count towards the coordinate major. No more than two dance courses can count towards the major.

ADST 1550            New Orleans Hip Hop (Nghana Lewis)

ADST 2000            Introduction to African Diaspora (Marc Perry)

ADST 3550            Black Music & Performance in New Orleans  (Marc Perry)

AMST 5025           Jazz, Blues, and Literature (Joel Dinerstein)

ANTH 4930            Languages of Louisiana   (Nathalie Dajko)

COMM 3280          Media Histories (Vicki Mayer)

DANC 1910           African Dance I (Ausettua Amor Amenkum Jackson)

DANC 1950           Beginning Jazz I (Beverly Trask)

DANC 2230           Introduction to Jazz Dance (Beverly Trask)

DANC 2910           African Dance II (Ausettua Amor Amenkum Jackson)

DANC 2950           Jazz Dance II (Ausettua Amor Amenkum Jackson)

DANC 3240           American/Afro-Caribbean Social and Vernacular Dance Forms (Beverly Trask)

DANC 4900           Building Community through the Arts (Barbara Hayley)

ENLS 4030            Literary New Orleans  (T.R. Johnson)

FREN 4110/6110   Field Research on French in Louisiana (Tom Klingler/Natalie  Dajko)

GESS 4500           Gender and Archives    (Susan Tucker)

HISL 1720             Introduction to Caribbean History (Rosanne Adderley)

HISB 3230            The Atlantic Slave Trade (Rosanne Adderley)

HISL 4200             The History of Voodoo (Rosanne Adderley)

HISU 3510            Atlantic World:  1450-1800  (Emily Clark)

HISU 3700            Introduction to African-American History: 1865-Present (Rosanne Adderley)

HISU 3690            African-American History to 1865 (Rosanne Adderley)

HISU 4620            Autobiography and Southern Identity in the New South (Randy Sparks)

HISU 4694            The Creation of Jazz in New Orleans   (Bruce Raeburn)

HISU 6420            American Revolutions (Emily Clark)

MUSC 3340          History of Jazz (John Joyce)

MUSC 3360          The Latin Tinge: Jazz and Latin American   

                             Music in New Orleans and Beyond (Dan Sharp)

MUSC 3430         The Blues In American Life (Matt Sakakeeny)

MUSC 3440         African American Music (Matt Sakakeeny)

URST 310           Urban Geography:  New Orleans Case Study (Richard Campanella)

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