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Anthropology at Tulane University
Dinwiddie Hall 101
6823 St. Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone number:504-865-5336



william balee  

     William Balée

     Professor (Ph.D. Columbia University)
     Fields of Study: Cultural anthropology; Amazonia; historical ecology; ethnobiology
     Office: 405 Dinwiddie Hall
     Phone: (504) 862-3055




Marcello Canuto


   Marcello A. Canuto

   Professor  (Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania)
   Dir. Middle American Research Institute (MARI)

   Fields of Study: Archaeology, social organization, theory, settlement patterns, epigraphy, iconology; Mesoamerica
   Office: 310 Dinwiddie Hall - Lab 303
   Phone: (504)862-3104


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 Fernando Campos

 Professor of Practice (Ph.D. University of Calgary)
 Fields of Study: Biological Anthropology: Nonhuman Primates, Conservation, Behavioral Ecology, Central and South America
 Office: 202 Dinwiddie Hall
 Phone: (504) 862-3060



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 Nathalie Dajko

 Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Tulane University)
 Fields of Study: Linguistics; sociolinguistics, language death, pidgins and creoles; Louisiana French.
 Office: 109 Dinwiddie Hall
 Phone: (504) 862-8338


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 Shanshan Du

 Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
 Fields of Study: Cultural anthropology, gender, ethnicity; China, East Asia, Southeast Asia.
 Office: 402 Dinwiddie Hall
 Phone: (504) 862-3047


Robert Hill

    Robert M. Hill II

    Professor (Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania)

    Fields of Study: Cultural anthropology, cultural dynamics, ethnohistory; Middle America, North America
    Office: 401  Dinwiddie Hall
    Phone: (504) 862-3050

Trent Holliday 

   Trenton W. Holliday (Chair)

    Professor (Ph.D. University of New Mexico)

   Fields of Study: biological anthropology: paleoanthropology, human paleontology
   Office: 417 Dinwiddie Hall - Lab 203
   Phone: (504) 862-3065


Rachel Horowitz

 Rachel Horowitz

  Visiting Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Tulane University)

  Fields of Study: Archaeology, Maya, Lithics, Economic Organization 
  Office: Dinwiddie Hall
  Phone: (504) 862-3053




 Katherine Jack

   Katharine M. Jack (Director, Environmental Studies Program)

   Professor (Ph.D. University of Alberta)

   Fields of Study:  Professor Katharine Jack is a primatologist who specializes in the ethology (behavior), ecology, and conservation of New World primates,  especially members of the genus Cebus (capuchin monkeys).
   Office: 416 Dinwiddie Hall - Lab 211
   Phone: (504) 862-8905

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Nicole Katin

Professor of Practice (Ph.D. Tulane University)
Fields of Study:
Office: Dinwiddie Hall
Phone: (504) 862-3060

adeline masquelier

   Adeline M. Masquelier

   Professor (Ph.D. University of Chicago)

   Fields of Study: Cultural anthropology, religion, medicine, gender; West Africa
   Office: 414 Dinwiddie Hall
   Phone: (504) 862-3594

Judith Maxwell

   Judith M. Maxwell

   Professor (Ph.D. University of Chicago)
   Louise Rebecca Schawe and Williedell Schawe Memorial Professor

   Fields of Study: Linguistics, Mayan languages, discourse; Mesoamerica, Guatemala
   Office: 413 Dinwiddie Hall
   Phone: (504) 862-3046

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Grant S. McCall

Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Iowa)

Fields of Study: Archaeology, Early and Middle Stone Age; Old World.
Office: 107 Dinwiddie Hall - Lab 209
Phone: (504) 862-3054


  Sabia McCoy-Torres

  Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Cornell University)

  Fields of Study: English and Spanish speaking African Diaspora, race, gender/sexuality, transnationalism, and Black popular music and performance
  Office:  Dinwiddie Hall




Tatsuya Murakami

   Tatsuya Murakami

   Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Arizona State University)

   Fields of Study: Archaeology; early complex societies, political dynamics, urbanism, craft production, material culture, archeometry, Central Mexico, Mesoamerica
   Office: 407 Dinwiddie Hall - Lab 205
   Phone: (504) 862-3067

Jason Nesbitt 

   Jason S. Nesbitt

   Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Yale University)

   Fields of Study: Archaeology, Andean prehistory, early complex societies, monumental architecture, urbanism, archaeological theory, relationships between culture and nature, ceramic analysis, remote sensing applications to archaeology; Peru
   Office: 408 Dinwiddie Hall - Lab 207
   Phone: (504) 862-3052


Olanike Orie

   Olanikė Ola Orie (Director, Linguistics Program)

   Professor (Ph.D. University of British Columbia)

   Fields of Study: Theoretical linguistics, phonology, morphology, African languages; Africa
   Office: 404 Dinwiddie Hall
   Phone: (504) 862-3062

Christopher Rodning

   Christopher B. Rodning  (Graduate Studies Coordinator)

   Professor (Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
   Paul and Debra Gibbons Professor

   Fields of Study: North American archaeology, culture contact and colonialism, and the archaeology of cultural landscapes.
   Office: 418 Dinwiddie Hall - Lab 212
   Phone: (504) 862-3051

nicholas spitzer

   Nicholas R. Spitzer

   Professor (Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin)

   Fields of Study: Folklore; ethnography, American vernacular music/culture
   Office: 202 Alcee Fortier Studios
   Phone: (504) 862-3669

Allison Truitt

   Allison J. Truitt    (Undergraduate Studies Coordinator)

   Associate Professor (Ph.D. Cornell University)

   Fields of Study: Sociocultural anthropology, economic transformations, money and other means of circulation; cities, consumption, and globalization; Southeast Asia, Vietnam
   Office:  412 Dinwiddie Hall
   Phone: (504) 862-3058


John Verano

   John W. Verano

   Professor (Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles)
   Fields of Study: Biological anthropology, skeletal biology, paleopathology, forensic anthropology, Peru.
   Office: 110 Dinwiddie Hall - Lab 210
   Phone: (504)862-3049

Marc Zender

   Zender, Marc

   Assistant Professor (Ph.D. University of Calgary)

   Fields of Study: anthropological and historical linguistics, Mesoamerican indigenous languages and writing systems, decipherment, archaeology, iconography
   Office: 301C Dinwiddie Hall
   Phone: (504) 862-3100

Research Associates 

Francisco Estrada-Belli (Research Assistant Professor) 

Nelson-Hurst, Melinda  (Visiting Scholar)

Emeritus Professors

Andrews, E. Wyllys V.

Bricker, Harvey M.

Bricker, Victoria R.

Healan, Dan M.


Anthropologists in Other Departments

Ambikaipaker, Mohan

Castro, Arachu (School of Public Health)

Kendall, Carl (School of Public Health)

Marksbury, Richard (Asian Studies)


Chevalier, Susie

Anthropology, Dinwiddie Hall 101, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5336