History of Art Faculty

Elizabeth Hill Boone  Professor | Martha and Donald Robertson Chair in Latin American Art

PhD University of Texas, Austin |  Pre-Columbian and Colonial Art of Latin America, Aztecs, Mexican Manuscript Painting

313 Woldenberg Art Center | 504.314.2204 |

Thomas F. Reese Professor | Executive Director of the Stone Center for Latin American Studies

PhD Yale University | Latin American Art

Holly Flora Associate Professor and Associate Chair

PhD Institute of Fine Arts, New York University | Late Medieval Art and Early Renaissance Italy

303 Woldenberg Art Center | 504.314.2211 |

Michelle Foa Associate Professor

PhD Princeton University | Nineteenth-Century European Art 

311 Woldenberg Art Center | 504.314.2227 |

Michael Plante  Associate Professor, Jessie Poesch Professor of Art

PhD Brown University | Twentieth-Century Art, American Art and Architecture

301 Woldenberg Art Center | 504.314.2209 |

Mia Bagneris Assistant Professor

PhD Harvard University | African and African Diaspora Art

307 Woldenberg Art Center | 504.314.2415 |

Leslie Geddes  Assistant Professor

PhD Princeton University | Renaissance

207 Woldenberg Art Center |

Stephanie Porras Assistant Professor

PhD Courtauld Institute of Art | Baroque Art 

305 Woldenberg Art Center | 504.314.2246 |

Anton Schweizer Professor of Practice

PhD Heidelberg University | Asian Art

203 Woldenberg Art Center | 504.314.2210 |

Thomasine Bartlett Adjunct Assistant Professor

PhD Tulane University | Art History

113A Woldenberg Art Center | 504.314.2197 |

Classical Studies Faculty Teaching Art History Courses

Allison Emmerson Assistant Professor

PhD University of Cincinnati | Classical Studies, Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology

210C Jones Hall | 504.865-5719 |

Susann Lusnia  Associate Professor

PhD University of Cincinnati | Classical Studies, Etruscan and Roman Art and Architecture

210 Jones Hall | 504.862.3078 |

Tulane University, Newcomb Art Dept., 202 Woldenberg Art Center, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5327