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Lilianna Porter and the Art of Simulation



Florencia Bazzano-Nelson, Assistant Professor, History of Art

My main area of research is the history of art criticism and theory from and about Latin America, especially the writings of the controversial Argentine Colombian art critic Marta Traba and the development of her practice in reference to Colombia and Latin America from the postwar period to the 1970s. Moreover, this research has also given me the chance to expand into the art of Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela from the 1940s to the 1970s, as these countries' art scenes were often discussed in the writings of Traba and in the work of other art critics of her time. At present I am at work on a volume about her art criticism in the context of Inter-American relations.

Another important area of concern in my research has been the work of Latin American and Latino contemporary artists, in particular Argentine-born artist Liliana Porter, who has been active in New York since the 1960s. My book Liliana Porter and the Art of Simulation was published by Ashgate in 2008.

A third historical period that has been of particular interest are the avant-garde movements of the 1920s in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. I have addressed this subject in my teaching from a comparative, interdisciplinary perspective.  

Courses taught at Tulane:

Art of Latin America: 1900-1950s
Art of Latin America since 1950
Latin American Artists in the United States (seminar)
Latin American Avant-Gardes of the 1920s (seminar)
Art Criticism in Latin America (seminar)
Artists as Global Travelers (Service Learning Seminar)

Recent Publications:

Bazzano-Nelson, Florencia. 2011. "Cold war pan-american operations: Oil, coffee, and '3,500 years of colombian art'". Hispanic Research Journal. 12 (5): 438-466. [Visual arts issue.]

Bazzano-Nelson, Florencia. 2010. Marta Traba en circulación. [Bogotá]: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Bogotá, Facultad de Artes.

Bazzano-Nelson, Florencia. 2008. Liliana Porter and the art of simulation. Aldershot, England: Ashgate.


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