Center for Scholars

In order to enhance the intellectual climate on campus, the Center for Scholars provides funds to support a lecture given by a non-Tulanian scholar. The lecture should attract a broad audience beyond a single class. To apply, faculty should submit 6 copies of the request to the Executive Committee. The request should include:

  • Name and c.v. of individual
  • Title and description of talk
  • Date and venue for talk
  • Audience, in terms of approximate number and composition
  • Other funding sources
  • Support by the department chair

Applicants cannot be made to the Center for Scholars and the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South. If more than one speaker is planned, this must be explained. All conference requests or symposia should be sent to the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South.

The funding rates have been set by the Executive Committee. They can be found at: Additional support for increased honorarium and other items should be sought from other sources.

Funding requests will not be received from an individual but through the department, whether with the endorsement of a chair or committee. Chairs should prioritize talks as the Center cannot fund an endless number of requests from the same department. These requests should be sent to the Executive Committee as a group three times a year:

September 1
November 1
February 16

Please note, however, that funds are limited, and may be used up entirely before the final funding round. Departments are encouraged to submit the entire year’s request at the earliest possible funding deadline possible.


Tulane University, School of Liberal Arts, 102 Newcomb Hall, New Orleans, LA  70118, (504) 865-5225,