Dr. Ferruh Yilmaz

 Associate Professor 



University of California, San Diego, Ph.D



Rhetorical Criticism
Public Opinion and the Media
The Politics of Immigration in Europe


Research Interests

Discourse Analysis and Rhetorical Criticism
Culturalization of Discourse
The Role of Gender and Sexuality in the Debates on Immigration, War, and Islam
Populism and Far Right
The Production of Islam/West Distinction


Selected Publications

* How the Workers Became Muslim: Immigration, Culture, and Hegemonic Transformation in Europe. The University of Michigan Press, 2016.
* "Analyzing Variations and Stability in Discourse: hegemony, nation and Muslim immigrants". Journal of Language and Politics, 14(6), 2015.
* "From immigrant worker to Muslim immigrant: Challenges for feminism", European Journal of Women's Studies, 22(1): 37-52, 2015.



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