Financial Aid

Financial aid is offered to doctoral students only. The Graduate School offers a number of one-year fellowships for students entering the Ph.D. program with a B.A. These include a full tuition waiver and a stipend and require no duties by the student except full-time participation in the program.  Students holding first-year fellowships who successfully complete the early review will in most instances be awarded teaching fellowships after the second year.
Students entering the Ph.D. program with an M.A. or its equivalent are eligible for teaching fellowships. These include full tuition waiver and a stipend. The student will be responsible for one small composition class per semester. Students with fellowships are required to take English 715, Theories of Rhetoric and Composition, in the spring semester before they begin teaching composition classes so that they will be prepared to assume a fellowship the following year.

Financial aid is awarded only to those students who are making normal progress toward the degree and who are demonstrating their effectiveness or potential effectiveness as teachers.

Students who enter with a B.A. are eligible for a maximum of five years of financial aid. (Financial aid is defined as a first-year fellowship, a second-year teaching assistantship, a teaching fellowship, a dissertation fellowship, or a tuition waiver.) Students who enter with an M.A. are eligible for four years of financial aid, though they can also compete for a fifth year of support. Decisions about this additional year will be made on the basis of the applicant’s record as a scholar and teacher and the quality of the student’s academic plans for the additional year requested.

Students who are A.B.D. by May 1 are eligible to compete for a dissertation fellowship in the following academic year. Pending funding, this fellowship will provide the same stipend as a teaching fellowship but will require the teaching of only one course, and every effort will be made to offer the student a literature course.


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