Polices and Procedures 


Students in English 1010 develop skills that will serve them for the rest of their academic and professional lives. What's more, no matter how well a student writes, he or she can and should always cultivate these skills yet further. To do this, students must come to class, participate in class activities, and sustain positive, productive membership in the classroom community of student-writers.  Thus, attendance, as well as punctual arrival and participation are absolutely essential; moreover, cell phones must be silenced, and text-messaging and emailing are strictly forbidden, for these disruptions, as with tardiness, can be counted as absences.

When a student absence results from serious illness, injury or a critical personal problem, that student must notify the instructor and arrange to complete any missed work in a timely fashion. Students are allowed four unexcused absences over the course of the semester. After these four, the student's final grade will be lowered by one-third of a letter for each additional, unexcused absence. However, In cases of excessive absenteeism, when a student accumulates, after the first four, unexcused absences, an additional four, that student's grade for the course automatically becomes an F.  In other words, after the fourth unexcused absence, the final grade begins to suffer (one-third of a letter per absence), but once the final grade has been lowered a full letter, it will no longer continue to be lowered by degrees. Rather, the student fails the course with that eighth unexcused absence.

In order to enforce the attendance policy, the instructor will document the dates of every student's unexcused absences and file an "Absence Report Form" for any of their students who accumulate four, unexcused absences. These forms are sent to the student and the student's dean (the instructor retains the third copy). If the student's attendance problem persists to a eighth unexcused absence, the instructor can file a second "Absence Report Form" recommending that the student be withdrawn from the course with an F.


If a student has a legitimate excuse for being unable to complete all of the work for a course, the instructor can give that student an "I" (Incomplete) on the final grade sheet. If the student does not complete the work and the instructor does not change the grade, however, that grade will revert to an F. The deadline for addressing incompletes varies each semester but is usually about a month after the final exam period. In order to give a student an "I," the instructor must first confirm with the student – in writing – exactly what the student needs to finish and retain a dated copy of this correspondence in the event that student misses the deadline and then challenges the new grade of F.


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