The director's office is located in Dinwiddie Hall, one of Tulane's newly renovated and LEED certified buildings.


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 Environmental Studies Program

Dr. Katharine Jack, Director
Department of Anthropology
416 Dinwiddie Hall


The environmental studies major is an interdisciplinary major drawing courses from the School of Liberal Arts, School of Sciences and Engineering, School of Public Health, School of Business, and School of Architecture.  The environmental studies major (EVST)  is a coherent and definitive compilation of the university's wide range of environmental concentration courses. Under the guidance of Director Katharine Jack (Anthropology), Melissa Bailes (English), Michelle Kohler (English), Grant S. McCall (Anthropology), Laura McKinney (Sociology), Jason Nesbitt (Anthropology), and Christopher B. Rodning (Anthropology), Marcello Canuto (Anthropology), and Amy Lessen (Bioenvironmental Research) the major has been designed to not only provide ample opportunity for students' interdisciplinary educational development, but also various opportunities for further enrichment and knowledge of  key environmental and humanistic concerns.

Through internships, a required senior colloquium, courses through several of Tulane's most prestigious schools and colleges, along with opportunities for independent study and honors thesis, the program hopes to provide its majors with a conclusive, comprehensive undergraduate liberal arts education in environmental studies. 

For more information on internships through Tulane, check out the Center for Public Service's website:



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416 Dinwiddie Hall, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-862-8905

Tulane University, Environmental Studies, 416 Dinwiddie Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-862-8905