Graduate Student Summer Merit Fellowship Awards

The SLA Dean's Office will provide awards up to $5000 to support summer activities for graduate students completing terminal degrees. Students may use funds for research expenses, equipment, and travel to support data collection, analysis, and performances. The award can not be used for labor expenses (i.e. site excavation or set construction crews). We will not support tuition, workshops, or conferences. A summer stipend for writing and completing the dissertation is limited to $2500. Please do not request additional funds if applying for a $2500 stipend for dissertation completion.

The fellowship is intended for advanced graduate students, ABDs who have completed all their exams, or students completing MFAs. Only ABDs or students completing their MFAs in the following year are eligible to apply. Students who have received two Fellowship Awards in the past are ineligible. Students who received one Fellowship Award but did not complete their progress reports by January 31st are also ineligible. MFA’s who are not doing dissertations but are completing projects are encouraged to apply. Political Science PhD students are not eligible for this program. Please consult your chair for more information.

All projects involving human subjects – e.g., ethnographic field observations, interviews, surveys, and so on - must either (1) have approval from the Tulane University Institutional Review Board (IRB) before issuance of an award or, (2) must affirm that the IRB has declared the research exempt from IRB review.

Four copies of the application for a Summer Merit Fellowship Award should be submitted to Ann Schumacher, Director for Graduate Programs no later than March 22, 2018. Applications will be reviewed by the SLA Dean and Associate Deans according to the criteria list below; awards will be announced by early May.

A Summer Merit Fellowship Award application must include:

  1. A two-page proposal that details the major research questions, problems, or object of analysis. The proposal should address what activities will be undertaken and how the summer fellowship award will pay for needed resources. Overall, the proposal should explain how the award will enhance the students' research and professional activities, and allow them to complete their projects in a timely manner. The proposal should be written in a jargon-free manner that can be understood by faculty in wide range of disciplines.
  2. An itemized budget listing the expenditures anticipated for expenses such as supplies, equipment, travel for data collection, and costs of completing the project. If you are applying for the $2500 writing award, it is not necessary to submit an itemized budget.
  3. A curriculum vitae.
  4. A letter of recommendation (no more than one-page) from the applicant's major advisor or dissertation chair
  5. A list of prior awards and fellowships received including (1) dates of such support and (2) the major accomplishments that were derived from that support. Students should also list other anticipated summer support. Those who have received past support from a summer merit fellowship must submit a progress report with their application.
  6. A 2018 Summer Merit Fellowship Cover Sheet

Please submit four hard copies of all 2018 application materials to the Graduate Programs Director Ann Schumacher, SLA Dean’s Office, 102 Newcomb Hall.

By January 31, 2019 recipients of the summer 2018 fellowship awards are required to submit a progress report that includes a brief, but informative, summary of the activities supported by the award. (Recipients of the summer 2017 fellowship awards are required to submit a progress report to Ms. Schumacher by January 31, 2018).


Tulane University, School of Liberal Arts, 102 Newcomb Hall, New Orleans, LA  70118, (504) 865-5225,