Department By-Laws

In an effort to clarify the organization structure and goals of the Department of History, the Department decided to draft a statement of it's mission and a set of by-laws.  They were drafted during 2007 and after consultation with the Department and subsequent revisions were accepted by vote of the Department in the Fall of 2007.  The by-laws are effective July 1, 2008.

Department of History By-Laws


Department Mission

The Department of History at Tulane University is a community of scholars united by a common commitment to advance, through its scholarship and teaching, understanding of the past across a broad variety of geographic, thematic and chronological fields. Through their scholarly endeavors department members seek to cultivate research and historical writing of the highest standard, and in their teaching of undergraduates and graduate students commit themselves to equipping students with a facility for critical appraisal of lives, institutions, and events past and present. Towards these ends, members of the department are obliged to respect and defend free inquiry and open discussion. Membership in the department carries with it responsibility for advancing these goals through research, teaching, and participation in the administrative duties and collegial processes that support them, both in the department and in the University at large. The department embraces transparency and cooperation in its administration, and members of the department are expected to share the burdens of departmental administration as equitably as possible.

The By-laws attempt to make functional and effective the goals and sentiments embodied in the Department's mission.