What can I do in the real world with a History major?

Maybe the real question is "What can't I do in the real world with a History major?" The History major provides students with skills and employment possibilities far greater than most majors.


"I believe that the History major gave me skills that will allow me to excel at whatever job I end up getting.  Being able to read, write, and think critically are of the utmost importance and I feel that I improved all of these skills as a History Major." Tulane Grad '16

"I became a much better writer, researcher, and critical thinker.  These skills have prepared me for the working world." Tulane Grad '16

When you've completed your degree in History at Tulane, you'll bring together a package of research, analysis, writing and presentation skills that make you an ideal candidate a wide range of jobs and opportunities--from educator to lawyer, from information analyst to politician, from journalist to consultant, from Peace Corps volunteer to entrepreneur and beyond. 

We know this to is because of the many different careers our own majors have embarked upon and with extraordinary success.  With a History major, you learn how to tackle complex problems, research new areas, engage with culturally and socially distinct worlds, and communicate effectively.  These are the skills that will send you to a career in law, the world of business and finance, journalism, international relations, academics, politics and advocacy, and more. 

And if your parents are worried about your future opportunities, just let them know that a recent study showed History majors among the most well-paid graduates in the Liberal Arts and with tremendous potential for income growth (see the Wall Street Journal's chart on majors and salaries).

For more information on careers and possibilities, feel free to contact any member of the department, or just stop by to chat with the Chair of the Department.

To give you a better sense of the possibilities and opportunities afforded by the History major, we've also begun assembling brief profiles of History alumni who can share their experiences and the career paths. Check back periodically on these Alumni Profiles, as we will add to them over time to keep up with new trends and the changing economy.


Careers for History Majors:  A Miniguide
The American Historical Association offers numerous ideas for History majors in a variety of fields, including education, research, communication, advocacy, and business.  

Alumni Profiles
Check out our growing portfolio of alumni profiles highlighted in Footnotes, the Undergraduate Newsletter.  Our alumni have found success in a wide range of fields from lawyers to tech start-ups to the music industry.

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