Current Graduate Students


Maria Aguilar                                                                        

Maria Aguilar  Latin American History, modern Guatemala and Bolivia; revolutions, identity, indigeneity, State Violence; Collective memory. 


Sitela Alvarez                                                                          

Sitela Alvarez  Latin America, 19th Century, Cuban Diaspora, U.S. South, Religion 


John K. Bardes                                                                       


Andrew S. Bond                                                                     

Andrew Bond  Southern U.S. History, Gender and Racial Identity and Expression in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century U.S.; Race in Latin America


Matthew Brennan                                                                   
American Religion, U.S. South, Race


Jessica Brosvic                                                                        

 Jessica Brosvic Medieval/Early Modern Europe, Medicine


Eimeel Castillo                                                                             

Eimeel Castillo  Modern Central America esp. Nicaragua; US-Latin American Relations; gender, cultural and political history; masculinities.          

Beau Gaitors                                                                             

 Beau Gaitors  Atlantic World, Latin America, Mexico, African Diaspora, Trade, Nationalism, Identity, Race, Migration


Joshua Goodman                                                                      

 Joshua Goodman 20th Century United States, U.S. Foreign Relations, Non-State Actors in Diplomacy Internationalism


 Kailtyn Henderson                                                                   

Kaitlyn Henderson  Latin America, Late 19th/Early 20th Century, Race, Culture, Identity, Cuba


Tierra Jolly                                                                               

Tierra Jolly  United States since 1850, African-American History, Urban History, Black Nationalism, The Long Civil Rights Movement, the District of Columbia, Race Riots, Slavery, Public History, Museum Education


Peyton Jones                                                                            

Race, Civil Rights, U.S. South, 20th Century


Matthew Kocsan                                                                     

Early Modern Spain


Mira E. Kohl                                                                           

Modern Latin America, Oral History, Urban Space, Nationalism, Migration, Cultural Identities, Citizenship


Heidi M. Krajewski                                                                

Modern Central America and Spanish Caribbean, U.S. - Latin America Relatins, Transnational Movements and Institutions


Bryan Laird                                                                             

Early Modern Spain, Colonial Latin America, Empires

Christina LeBlanc                                                                   


Anna M. Leonards                                                                   


Elena Llinas                                                                             

Latin America, History of Education in Yucatán, Immigration, Women and Children, 19th and 20th Century Mexico


Alex McManus                                                                         

U.S. South, Louisiana


Bradley Mollmann                                                                    

Early Modern Europe, Spain and its Empire, Religion, History of Medicine 


Jonathan Moore                                                                          

Jonathan Moore  20th Century British Empire, Whiteness/Britishness, Gender/Masculinity, Professionalizaion, Colonization, Imperial Historiography


Stephanie Parham                                                                      

Modern Latin America, 20th Century Guatemala, Women, Gender, Labor Organizing


Samantha Perez                                                                         

Samantha Perez  Europe, Italy, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Early Modern Period, England, Material Culture, Gender


Isabel Quintana                                                                         

Medieval/Early Modern Spain, Atlantic World, Conversion History, Identity Construction


Alix Riviere                                                                               

19th Century Slavery with a focus on children


Lindsey Schier                                                                             

Lindsey Schier  Medieval Europe wit an emphasis on Spain and a secondary field in the Iberian Atlantic World 

Ashley Schmidt                                                                          

Antebellum South, Slavery, Free People of Color, Legal, Community

Sarah Senette                                                                              

I am Louisiana Colonial History, the Southwestern Rural Population during the French and Spanish periods.  I am also interested in the History of Free Women of Color, Louisiana Colonial Economic Systems and Women's History.

Samantha Shepard-Guerinoni                                                    

United States History and Sociology; African American History and Sociology, issues of access, choice, ad achievement in higher education; Division 1-A intercollegiate athletics


Lisa R. Singleton                                                                         

Modern Latin America, nineteenth-century Mexico, welfare state, economic institutions


Joel Webb                                                                                   

Modern Spain


Christopher Willoughby                                                             

Christopher WIlloughby  U.S. before 1865, Racial Science, History of Medicine, Atlantic World, History of the Profession, History of Science, History of the Body, Anatomy, Slavery, Eugenics, Long 19th Century


Emily Wright                                                                              


Religion, Race, Medicine, Early American South