Fascinated by the past?  Want to shape the future?  History is the perfect department, providing you with the tools for incisive analysis, critical inquiry, and persuasive communication.  No wonder so many of our students go on to careers in law, politics, journalism, public advocacy, teaching and academics.

This website is organized to provide students with advice and resources - whether it's in choosing a course or pursuing the major.  Explore the requirements for the major and minor and learn more about special learning opportunities, such as service learning and internships.

The Department has brought together a variety of learning resources - from citation guides to help in understanding plagiarism - and links to useful research collections.  These resources also can help you manage your major, with links to advising, the degree audit system and more.  

Useful forms are also available on the website.  So, if you're ready to declare the major or minor, now you can just fill out the online form.