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Upcoming Spring 2016 Courses

Spring 2016 Jewish Studies Courses

Spring 2016 Hebrew Courses

Please note that many Jewish Studies Spring 2016 courses have waitlists. We are overriding the waitlist if students who want a spot are Jewish Studies majors or minors. Students can also declare their major or minor prior to spring 2016 to obtain a spot in the class. Please contact or visit our department (7031 Freret St.) to declare your major or learn more.


Fall 2015 Courses

Fall 2015 Jewish Studies Courses

Fall 2015 Hebrew Courses

JWST 4670: Israeli-Jewish and Arab-Israeli Peace through Literature and Film
This course explores major themes in Israeli cinema and fiction in the context of the social and historical backdrop of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the painful emergence of a new Jewish-Israeli identity in the shadow of the Holocaust and unremitting warfare. Examining in depth a number of Hebrew films, short stories and novels, all in English translation, the course situates them in the evolution of Israeli cinema and fiction, and considers the problems of turning a work of fiction into a film.

Spring 2015 Jewish Studies Courses

Spring 2015 Hebrew Courses

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