THURSDAY, March 15th


8:00 -




Registration   Desk open for ACAL


8:40  -




LBC 203 Stibbs


Formal Opening and Welcoming Speeches:   University Officials


9:00   -




LBC 203 Stibbs Plenary Session (1)


Chair:   Nathalie Dajko


Salikoko Mufwene


What African   Linguistics Can Contribute to Evolutionary Linguistics


9:45   -






Stibbs Breakout Room




Race   Conference Room


Rechler   Conference Room


Stibbs Conference Room


Syntax Interfaces


Chair Eyamba Bokamba


Phonology Interfaces


Chair Douglas   Pulleyblank


Loanwords/ code-switching


Chair Darcie Blainey


10:00 –




10:00   am (2)


Mark   Baker & Ken Safir


Categories of clausal constituents in Lubukusu




10:30   am (3)


R. Mata


Genitive   constructions in Gitonga-Inhambane




11:00   am (4)


Harold   Torrence


A’- Extractions in Seereer






11:30   am (5)


Doris Payne & Shahar Shirtz


Heads in Maa NPs






12:00   pm (6)


Jason Kandybowicz


Ways of emphatic scope-taking: Evidence from Nupe emphatic   assertion


10:00 am (7)


Beniam Cherinet


Morphophonemics   of the causative in Harari




10:30 am (8)


Mary Paster & Martha Johnson


Aspects of Manyika verbal tonology






11:00 am (9)


Lee   Bickmore


Lala and Swaka and Biisa, Oh my!: Tone patterns in zone M.50




11:30 am (10)


Laura McPherson


Patterns and predictability in Tommo So noun-verb pairs




12:00 pm (11)


Deo Ngonyani


Surrogate   imperatives in Bantu Languages with Postverbal Negative Clitic




10:00am   (12)


Fiona McLaughlin


Consonant mutation and loanword behavior in Pulaar: Featural   morphemes at the phonology-morphology interface




10:30   am (13)


Christopher   Green


A foot-based   account of French loanword adaptation into Banbara




11:00   am (14)


Al-Hassan Issahaku


Repair strategies in Dagbani loanwords adaptation




11:30   am (15)


Ali Abdoulhamid & Wildat   Andjilane


Borrowings of   French in the Comorian language




12:00   pm  (16)


Millicent Quarcoo


Copula verbs   and multi-word verbs in Twi/ English code-switching


12:30   -1:30p


Lunch   (not provided), can be purchased at the LBC Food Court








Stibbs Conference RoomPlenary Session (17)


Chair:   Olasope Oyelaran


Oladele   Awobuluyi


Language   Policies in Africa




Race   Conference Room


Rechler   Conference Room


Stibbs Conference Room


Orthography   & Lexicography                     


Chair Judith Maxwell


Phonetic/ Phonology


Chair Akinbiyi Akinlabi


Syntax Interfaces


Chair John DePriest






2:15 pm (18)


Melinda Nelson-Hurst


Concepts of   inheritance in Ancient Egypt: A lexicographical examination






2:45 pm (19)


Yvonne Ollennu


A morphosyntactic analysis of text messaging in the university   community




3:15 pm (20)


Karsten Legère


Swahili and   English in Dar es Salaam: Bill boards, shop signs and homepages


2:15   pm (21)


Melanie Pangilinan &Seunghun Lee


An acoustic   comparison of palatal fricatives and whistled fricatives in Xitsonga




2:45   pm (22)


Radu Craioveanu


Phonetic vs. Phonological Rounding in   Tigrinya






3:15   pm (23)


Frank Kügler & Susanne Genzel


On the   interaction of downdrift and focus – register lowering in Akan




2:15   pm (24)


Deborah   Morton


Imperfective Intricacies: The   distribution of the two imperfective markers in Gisida Anii






2:45   pm (25)


Claire Halpert


Optional   agreement: New facts about Zulu subjects






3:15   pm (26)


Michelle   Johnson


Moody negation   -Interactions of aspect, modality and negation in Lusoga


3:45   - 4:00p




Stibbs Breakout Room




Race   Conference Room


Rechler   Conference Room


Stibbs Conference Room




Tonology Interfaces


Chair Larry Hyman


Syntax Interfaces


Chair Seunghun Lee




ChairShayra-Helena   Burgos Garcia






4:00   pm (27)


Emmanuel-Moselly Makasso


Morphology and tonology of vocatives in Basaa




4:30   pm (28)


Lee   Bickmore & Nancy Kula


Ternary   spreading and the OCP in Copperbelt Bemba






5:00   pm (29)


Timothy Mathes


An   Investigation of Masalit tone




4:00   pm (30)


Ellen   Guigelaar


The   syntax/phonological interface in Three Bantu languages




4:30 pm (31)


Charles Marfo


Rules in the   focus and topic constructions in Akan and the phonology-syntax interface




5:00 pm (32)


Jodi   Reich, Philip Thuma & Elena Grigorenko


Benefactive-theme order in the   acquisition of Bantu double object applicatives




4:00   pm (33)


Galen Sibanda


A note on   Sub-Minimal -C- Root verb forms in Bantu with special reference to Ndebele




4:30 pm   (34)


Clare Sandy


Verb extensions in Abo (Bantu A42)








5:00   pm (35)


Joash Johannes


The pre-prefix in Nata: An interface account


5:30   -6:00


Stibbs Conference Room Plenary Session (36)


Chair:   Douglas Pulleyblank


Akinbiyi   Akinlabi


African   Linguistics School


6:00   - 7:00


Reception Room TBA


Friday, March 16th


8:30   -




Kendall   Cram Lecture Hall Plenary Session


Chair:Lee Bickmore


Laura Downing


Issues   in the Phonology-Syntax Interface in African Languages (37)




Larry Hyman


Issues   in the Phonology-Morphology Interface in African Languages (38)




Douglas Pulleyblank


Issues   in the Phonology-Phonetics Interface in African Languages (39)








LBC 219-Cram   Lounge/Pre-Function Area




Kendall Cram Lecture Hall


Rechler   Conference Room


Stibbs Conference Room


 Race Conference Room


Syntax Interfaces


Chair Rose-Marie Dechaine


Morphology Interfaces


Chair Akinbiyi Akinlabi




Chair Zachary Hebert




Chair TianqiRobyn Yang






10:30 am (40)


Roslyn   Burns


Abo optional anti-agreement








11:00 am (41)


Mark Baker & Justin Sikuku


On some asymmetries in a symmetrical object language






11:30 pm (42)


Vicki Carstens


Expletive   constructions in Xhosa




10:30 am (43)


Michelle   Morrison


Imbrication in Bena










11:00 am (44)


Fusheini Abdul-Rahman


Elision in Dagbani








11:30 pm (45)


Boniface Kawasha


Reanalysis of grammatical morphemes and loss of verbal affixes in   Lunda


10:30 am (46)


Cecile B. Vigouroux


Language and economy: The spread of Lingala in the Congolese   diaspora in Cape Town




11:00 am (47)


Leonard Muaka


Discovering   linguistic indirectness in Kenya's political discourse




11:30 pm (48)


Abderrahman Zouhir


Language   situation and conflict in Morocco


10:30 am (49)


Emuobonuvie Ajiboye


Thematic   roles in Urhobo sentences








11:00 am (50)


Scott Grimm & Mark Ali


Countability   in Dagaare








11:30 pm (51)


Jefferson Barlew


Point of view   in Mushunguli locatives








ACAL Business Meeting/ Lunch Break


Kendall Cram Lecture Hall


1:30   – 2:45


Kendall   Cram Lecture HallPlenary   Session


Chair:James Essegbey


Mark Dingemanse


Ideophones   at the Intersection of Theory and Methods in African Linguistics (52)




Victoria Nyst


Sign   Languages and Deaf Communities in Africa (53)




Race   Conference Rom


Rechler   Conference Room


Stibbs Conference Room


Kendall   Cram Lecture Hall


Sign Language/ Gesture


Chair Victoria Nyst


Syntax Interfaces


Chair Juvenal Ndayiragije




Chair Shane Lief




Chair Joshua   Rogers




2:45 pm (54)


Olanike Orie


From   conventionalized gesture to sign language: The case of Yoruba Sign Language






3:15 pm (55)


Philemon   Akach


From policies   and laws to the implementation of sign language in deaf education: what went   wrong?




3:45 pm (56)


Karen   Wu


The role of gesture in language: Investigating how everyday objects   are depicted in chiTonga co-speech gesture




2:45 pm (57)


Denis Paperno


A   tono-syntactic rule in Beng






3:15 pm (58)


Kasangati Kinyalolo


Focus   without SpecFocP: The Case of Bantu




3:45 pm (59)


Regina O. Caesar


The participle   form of causative verbs in Dangme




2:45 pm (60)


Della Goavec


Writing orality in the seven solitudes of Lorsa Lopez-Sony Labou   Tansi




3:15 pm (61)


Rose Masubelele


Inferences of social change discerned in Sibiya’s novel- Bengithi   Lizokana




3:45 pm (62)


Victor Ariole


Translating Chimamanda Adichie in French: Problems in isolating Igbo   substratum elements


2:45 pm (63)


Mungai Mutonya


Kisetla: Maintaining a truncated kiSwahili variety in colonial Kenya




3:15 pm (64)


Tolulope Odebunmi


Code-switching   in Yoruba films: Interfaces of competence and performance




3:45 pm (65)


Bienvenu Sene Mongaba


The Lingala spoken by Kinshasa chemistry teachers and its role in   the elaboration of specialized terms and discourse




4:15   - 4:30




Stibbs   Breakout Room




Race   Conference Room


Rechler   Conference Room


Stibbs Conference Room




Database/ Revitalization


Chair Doris Payne


Syntax Interfaces


Chair Peter Jenks


Sociolinguistics Interfaces


Chair James Essegbey




4:30 pm (66)


Yiwola   Awoyale


Yoruba   global database












5:15 pm (67)


Tucker   Childs


Video   documenting the revitalization of a moribund but still lively South Atlantic   language










6:00 pm (68)


Philip Rudd


Sheng   Speakers: Facing the Insurmountable in Kenya




6:30 pm (69)


Mokaya Bosire


Sheng and   Netspeak: unlikely allies in language change


4:30   pm (70)


Ken Safir & Justine Sikuku


Complex   anaphora in Lubukusu: Evidence for inside and outside voice




5:00   pm (71)


Noa Nishimoto


Verbal   categories in the Tandroy dialect of Malagasy—an examination of the Malagasy   passive/ active construction




5:30 pm (71)


Alhassan Issah


The structure of   constituent questions in Dagbani




6:00 pm (72)


Hayat Ferzouz


The reflexive   constructions in Twi and their other functions




6:30 pm (73)


Harold Torrence & Jason   Kandybowicz


Comparative Tano interrogative syntax: Typological and genetic   implications




4:30 pm (74)


Eyovi Njwe


The crux of   the matter, back to base, a fight against lingua franca pidgins amongst   Cameroonian university students




5:00 pm (75)


James Ababila


Sex   differential use of Farefari objectives among undergraduate students of the   University of Education




5:30 pm (76)


Ettien   Koffi


Planning   multiple languages on a shoestring budget for profit




6:00 pm (77)


Marion Cheucle


Comparative approach in language description: The case of Bekwel




6:30 pm (78)


Joana Antwi-Danso


Modal adverb   and predicative modal adjectives in Akan








Kendall Cram Lecture Hall


Saturday, March 17th


8:30   -




Kendall   Cram Lecture Hall Plenary   Sessions


Chair:   Yiwola Awoyale


Rose-Marie Dechaine


What   "spell-out" reveals: How Niger-Congo prosodification constrains the   syntax/semantics interface (79)




Juvenal Ndayiragije


Raising   out of Bantu control (80)




Olasope Oyelaran & Oladiipo Ajiboye


The   challenge of syntactic categories in African languages (81)










Race   Conference Room


Rechler   Conference Room


Stibbs Conference Room


Kendall   Cram Lecture Hall






Chair Oladele Awobuluyi




Chair Shane Lief




Chair Salikoko Mufwene 


Phonology Interfaces


Chair Robin Aronow




10:30 am (82)


Larry   Hyman, Peter Jenks &


Emmanuel-Mosselly Makasso


Adjectives as nominal heads in Basaá






11:00 am (83)


Daniel Finer


Deriving Turkana word order: Head movement and topicality






11:30 am (84)


Ruth Kramer


No   competition: The  morphosyntax of   plurality in Amharic




12:00 pm (85)


Lindsey Quinn-Wriedt


L2 Acquisition   of Swahili object marking: Interactions at the syntax-discourse interface


10:30 am (86)


Rebecca Cover


The semantics   of pluractionality in Badiaranke








11:00 am (87)


Toni Cook


How diachronic processes are reflected in Zulu reduplication






11:30   am (88)


Carmela Toews


Stativity in Siamou








12:00 pm (89)


Gregory Finley


The semantic alignment of modal verbs in Abo






10:30 am (90)


Charles Mann


Attitudes   towards Anglo-Nigerian Pidgin in urban, Northern Nigeria: The Ethnicity   variable




11:00 am (91)


Tristan   Purvis


Communicative   Strategies in Christian and Muslim Sermons in Dagbani




11:30 am (92)


Jane   Mitsch


Perceptual dialectology of Wolof in   Senegal and the Gambia




12:00pm (93)


Daniela Waldburger


Comorien-Swahili in the diaspora: Language shift, contact phenomena   and construction of identity in a plurilingual community


10:30 pm (94)


Jonathan Anderson


Rhythmic patterns of prominence in Akan








11:00 pm (95)


Sharon   Rose & Younah Chung


Duration and   pitch in Moro polar questions






11:30 pm (96)


Susanne Genzel & Frank Kügler


The prosodic   realization of Yes-No questions in Akan






12:00 pm (97)


Charlotte   Lomotey


Prosodic   features that cue turn-taking in Akan conversations






Lunch (not provided)




Race   Conference Room


Rechler   Conference Room


Stibbs Conference Room


Kendall   Cram Lecture Hall




Phonology Interfaces


Chair Kat Bell


Semantics/ Syntax


Chair Mark Dingemanse


Typology Interfaces


Chair Laura Downing


Morphology/ Syntax


Chair Rose-Marie Dechaine






1:30 pm (98)


Abbie Hantgan & Stuart Davis


The abstract   nature of the Bondu vowel system: Evidence from (ATR) harmony






2:00 pm (99)


Ross Godfrey


A reappraisal   of Vowel Length in Tigrinya




2:30 pm (100)


Brian Cansler


Bidirectional nasal harmony in Toro Tegu






3:00 pm (101)


Maxwell Kadenge


Hiatus resolution in Nambya and Zezuru: A comparative   analysis




1:30 pm (102)


Seth   Ofori


Relevance,   scope and 'past' and anterior encoding in Nzema






2:00 pm (103)


Morakinyo Ogunmodimu


On time, tense and aspect in Ahan






2:30 pm (104)


James Essegbey


Touch ideophones in Tutrugbu






3:00 pm (105)


Nadine Borchardt


Variability in   color naming in some Bantu A languages






1:30 pm (106)


Lisa   Zsiga & One Boyer


Phonological devoicing and phonetic voicing in Setswana




2:00 pm (107)


Francis   Moto


A critical review of language   endangerment and linguistic revival




2:30 pm (108)


Yiwola   Awoyale


When underlying tones and vowels move




3:00 pm (109)


Zachary Hebert


Word   minimality in Yoruba revisited!








1:30 pm (110)


Shiferaw Assefa


Stem formation   in Amharic: An old problem with new approach




2:00 pm (111)


George Akanlig-Pare


Tone in serial verb constructions in Buli




2:30 pm (112)


Ogbonna   Anyanwu


Ibibio   causative and anti-causative verb alternations




3:00 pm (113)


Kristina Riedel


"Free" word order in Bantu: Descriptive and theoretical   issues






Tulane University, ACAL 43 Org. Committee c/o Karen Wu, 101 Dinwiddie Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118