Courses Fall 2010


ENLS 445 Chaucer                                                                                                           Prof. Kuczynski

HISA 314 The Age of the Vikings                                                                                    Prof. Harl

MWF 9:00-9:50AM

HISA 350 The Golden Age of Spanish Judaism I (Moslem Period: 711-1212)    Prof. Goldstein


HISA 397 High Middle Ages, 1050-1300                                                                      Prof. Luongo

T, R 2:00-3:15PM

HISM 320 History of Islam to 1400                                                                                Prof. Sahin

ITAL 401 Dante's Divine Comedy**                                                                               Prof. Arduini

JWST 350 The Golden Age of Spanish Judaism I (Moslem Period: 711-1212)  Prof. Goldstein


SPAN 442 Intro to Multicultural Medieval Iberia: Women in Medieval Iberia**       Prof. Dangler

MWF 10:00-10:50AM


ARHS 342 Northern Baroque Art                                                                                    Prof. Walker

ARHS 68X Velazquez                                                                                                        Prof. Walker

ENLS 419 Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature                          Prof. Codr

MWF 1:00-1:50PM

ENLS 446 Shakespeare 1 (Elizabethan Shakespeare)                                            Prof. Oldenburg

ENLS 735 Renaissance Seminar: Gender and Sexuality in Renaissance Lit.    Prof. Oldenburg

FREN 432 Renaissance Prose**                                                                                  Prof. Glidden

MW 3:30-4:45PM

GERM 366 Love, Death & Sexuality (IN ENGLISH)                                                    Prof. Brancaforte

T, R 2:00-3:15PM

SPAN 633 Spanish Prose of the Golden Age**                                                          Prof. Sullivan


ARHS 353 Survey of Russian Art (cross-listed)                                                         Prof. Brumfield

ASTA 350 Pre-modern Japanese Literature in Translation (IN ENGLISH)          Prof. Wood

T, R 11:00AM-12:15PM

HISA/HISE 605 Italian Renaissance                                                                            Prof. Boyden

M 4:00-6:30PM

HISM 697 or 698 From Tribe to Empire: The Ottomans, 1300-1600                     Prof. Sahin

RUSS 353 Survey of Russian Art (cross-listed; IN ENGLISH)                                Prof. Brumfield

SPAN 404 Early Readings in Spanish (1000-1700)**                                              Prof. Sullivan

**Courses in Asian Studies, French & Italian, German & Slavic Studies, and Spanish & Portuguese are conducted in target languages unless otherwise noted.

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