Courses Fall 2011


ARHS 3200                Early Christian and Byzantine Art                            Prof. Flora

TR 9:30-10:45AM

ARHS 6230                Art and Architecture of Medieval Italy                      Prof. Flora

T 12:30-3:30PM

ARHS 6810-02          Quattrocento Florence                                              Prof. Dunlop

M 2:00-4:25PM

ENLS 4450                Chaucer                                                                       Prof. Kuczynski

HISA 2030                  Medieval Europe                                                        Prof. Luongo

TR, 11:00AM-12:15PM

HISA 6970-01            Later Medieval Spain                                                Prof. Boyden

R 3:30-6:00PM

*ITAL 4010-01           Boccaccio’s Decameron                                          Prof. Pesce

TR 9:30-10:45AM

RUSS 3530-01         Survey of Russian Art                                                Prof. Brumfield

TR 3:30-4:45PM

*SPAN 4350              Love among Medieval Sinners                                Prof. Dangler
                                                      TR 9:30-10:45AM

*SPAN 6810               Reading Medieval Iberia: Illness, Healing, and   Prof. Dangler

T 2:00-4:30PM

Early Modern

ENLS 3750-01           American Life in American Literature I                    Prof. McKeown

MWF   11:00-11:50AM

ENLS 4460                 Shakespeare I                                                             Prof. Craft

ENLS 7350                 Topics in Early Modern British Literature                Prof. Craft

*FREN 4410/6410     Early Modern Cultural Encounters                           Prof. Wikstrom

TR 9:30-10:45AM

HISE 3140                   Household, Gender and Sexuality in Early             Prof. Pollock

Modern Europe

TR 9:30-10:45AM


ENLS 2010                   Brit Lit Survey                                                              Prof. Craft

FREN 4210/6210        History of the French Language                              Prof. Poe

MW 2:00-3:15PM

HISE 3410-01              Spain, 1369-1716                                                      Prof. Boyden

TR 12:30-1:45PM


* Taught in target language

Tulane Univ., Medieval & Early Modern Studies, 122 Norman Mayer, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-862-3424