ARHS 1010 Art Survey I: Prehistory to Middle Ages

ARHS-1020 Art Sur II: Renaiss to Present

 ARHS-3910 Leonardo da Vinci

 ARHS-3912 Monks Merchants: Asia after 1100

 ARHS-6812 Leonardo da Vinci

 ENLS-2010 Intro To British Lit I

 ENLS-2020 Intro To British Lit II

 ENLS-3230 Shakespeare Select Plays

 ENLS-4310 American Lit To 1820

 ENLS-4470 Shakespeare II

 ENLS-4480 Milton

 FREN-4510 Artificial Man in 18th c Lit

 FREN-6510 Artificial Man in 18th c Lit

 GERM-3250 German Lang & Culture I

 GERM-4800 Reisen ins Fremde

 GERM-6800 Reisen ins Frende

 HISA-1030 Medieval Europe 1100-1450

 HISA-2310 Medieval England

 HISA-3910 Medieval Women and Gender

 HISA-4150 The Age of the Vikings

 HISM-6910 Ottoman Empire & its Legacy

 HISU-2400 Women & Gender US Hist to 830

 ITAL-3000 Intro Italian Lit

 JWST-3540 Jewish Renaissance to Age Reas

 PHIL-2020 History of Modern Phil

 PHIL-2120 Classics of Modern Polit Phil

 PHIL-6930 Kant: Beauty, Nature, God

 RUSS-3530 Survey of Russian Art

 SPAN-4060 Pre 20th Century Reading

 SPAN-6220 Chronicles Epics of Span Conquest

 SPAN-6910 Early Modern Spanish Mysticism 

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