MEMS Courses, Spring 2017

See Tulane Schedule of Classes for course meeting times, instructors and locations. Some courses may have additional writing intensive options.


ARHS-1010-01, 02, 03 Art Survey I: Prehist-Mid Ages

ARHS-1020-01, 02, 03 Art Sur II: Renaiss to Present

ARHS-3112-01 Monks & Merchants after 1100

ARHS-3913-01 Rome, The Eternal City

ARHS-6410-01 Amsterdam Dutch Golden Age

ARHS 6811-01 Visions Imperial JPN: Kyoto Art 

ARHS 6814-01 Prints and Ways of Knowing  

ARHS-6813-01 Rome, The Eternal City

ASTA-3210-01 Samurai Cult Pre-Mod Japan

ENLS-2010-01, 02  Intro To British Lit I

ENLS-4011-01 Archives and Outreach

ENLS-4130-01 Renaissance Literature

ENLS-4310-01 American Lit To 1820

ENLS-4470-01 Shakespeare II

FREN-4210-01 History of the French Language

HISA-1030-01 Medieval Europe 1100-1450

HISA 6090-01: The Age of Justinian: The Empire Strikes Back

HISE 2320-01 Early Modern England

HISE 2420-01 The Age of Reformation

HISE 3300-01 Death, Disease, Destitution

HISE 6330-01 Imperial Spain: 1469-1659

HISU-2520-01 Early America to 1800

ITAL-4020-01 La commedia del Rinascimento

PHIL-2020-01 History of Modern Philosophy

PHIL-2120-01 Classics of Modern Polit Phil

SPAN-4060-01, 02, 03 Pre 20th Century Reading

SPAN-6850-02 Cinematic Middle Ages

THEA-3710-01 Shakespeare on the Road


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