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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz Studies

[60 credits]  

In addition to the Core Requirements, BFA students in Jazz Studies must also successfully complete the following courses:

MUSC 1530 Jazz Theory
MUSC 2300 Intro to Computer Application in Music (3)
APMS 2170 Ensemble (1) (4 semesters*)
APMS 2210 Beginner lessons (2) (4 semesters**)
APMS 3210 Intermediate lessons (2) (2 semesters)
APMS 3500 Jazz Improvisation (3) (2 semesters)
APMS 3510 Jazz Arrangements (3)
APMS 4230/4231/4232/4233/4234 Advanced lessons / recital prep (3)
APMS 4300 Capstone Senior Recital (3)

*Students may elect to mature within an ensemble by taking the major ensemble for his/her instrument up to 8 times for credit

**Students are encouraged to take applied lessons every semester; however, a course substitution, one semester of APMS 4910 Lecture Recital Prep/Lecture Recital, is available for students lacking one semester of lessons.

*** It is strongly recommended that B.F.A Jazz students take MUSC 2420 World Musics, MUSC 3340 History of Jazz, and/or MUSC 1900 New Orleans Music which are offered as part of the CORE



Newcomb Department of Music, 102 Dixon Hall, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5267