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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre [60 credits]

Prior to admission to the Musical Theater Program, students must audition for Professor Howard.

In addition to the Core Requirements, BFA students in Musical Theatre must also successfully complete the following courses:

PERFORMANCE (18 credits)

APMS 2170 Ensemble (1) (2 semesters*)
APMS 2210 Beginner lessons (2) (3 semesters**)
APMS 3210 Intermediate lessons (2) (2 semesters)
APMS 4230/4231/4232/4233/4234 Advanced lessons/recital prep (3)
APMS 4300 Capstone/Senior Recital (3)

THEATRE AND DANCE (16 credits)

Choose 2 courses from the following:
THEA 2100 Fundamentals of Acting (3)
THEA 3010 Intermediate Acting (3)
THEA 3030 Suzuki Method (3)

Choose from the following (at least 10 credits):
DANC 1810 Tap Dance I (2)
DANC 2810 Tap Dance II (2)
DANC 1930 Ballet I (2)
DANC 2930 Ballet II (2)
DANC 1950 Jazz Dance I (2)
DANC 1970 Modern Dance I (2)
DANC 2950 Jazz Dance II (Musical Theatre Dance) (2)
DANC 2970 Modern Dance II (2)
DANC 3800 Modern Dance III (1)
DANC 3820 Ballet III (1)
DANC 3950 Jazz Dance III (1)
DANC 4800 Modern Dance IV (1)
DANC 4820 Ballet IV (1)
DANC 4950 Jazz Dance IV (1)

*Students may elect to mature within an ensemble by taking the major ensemble for his/her instrument up to 8 times for credit.

**Students are encouraged to take applied lessons every semester; however, a course substitution, one semester of APMS 4910 Lecture Recital Prep/Lecture Recital, is available for students lacking one semester of lessons.

*** It is strongly recommended that B.F.A Musical Theatre students take MUSC 2450 Introduction to Opera, and MUSC 3320 Musical Theatre in America which are offered as part of the CORE.

***B.F.A Musical Theatre students are urged to take as many dance and acting electives as possible, and are strongly encouraged to take at least one dance class each semester.


Newcomb Department of Music, 102 Dixon Hall, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5267