Congratulations to Philosophy Graduate Students!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gwenda-lin Grewal began a two-year Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship this fall at Yale's Whitney Center for the Humanities. Gwen received her PhD in Philosophy and Classics at Tulane in August 2010, after completing her dissertation on Plato’s Euthydemus.

Michael Falgoust is a Graduate Fellow this year in Tulane's Murphy Institute Center for Ethics and Public Affairs, writing a dissertation on intellectual property rights. Travis Mulroy is a Murphy Institute Graduate Fellow working on a dissertation on Plato's Charmides.

Mark Pryor is spending the year in Berlin on Tulane’s exchange Fellowship with the Freie Universität, writing a dissertation on the political psychology of Plato's Republic. Alexandre Priou, also on the Freie Universität exchange fellowship, is working on a dissertation on the account of the "Socratic turn" in the Platonic dialogues.

Philosophy graduate students have been busy presenting papers at academic conferences this year. Daniel Davenport gave a talk on Plato's Republic at the Northeastern Political Science Association meeting in Boston this past November. C. Todd Meredith presented a paper on teleological ethics at the February meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers Midwest Conference in Holland, Michigan. Shawn Welnak spoke on Alfarabi at the December meeting of the American Philosophical Association.

Tulane Philosophy will be well represented at the Midwest Political Science Association in Chicago, first week in April: Seth Appelbaum will give a talk on Maimonides' account of prophecy; Michael Falgoust will present a Millian approach to intellectual property; Sam Stoner will speak on justice and kingly rule in Aristotle’s Politics; Shawn Welnak and Shane Gassaway will be panelists in a session on Xenophon and Socrates.

Shane Gassaway will also be giving a paper on Plato’s Cleitophon at the North Texas Philosophical Association meeting in April. Seth Appelbaum and Paul Wilford will be panelists in a session on "Nature and Politics" at the American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meeting in San Diego this spring.

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