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May 2017 (commencement edition)



2017 School of Liberal Arts Faculty & Staff Awards

Vicki Mayer – Research Award
Marc Zender – April Brayfield Teaching Award
Olanike Ola Orie – Service Award
Laura Richens ­– Staff Award
Randy Sparks ­– Senior Melon Award

2017 Weiss Presidential Fellowship Awarded to School of Liberal Arts Faculty
Elisabeth McMahon, Department of History and Africana Studies

2017 Board of Regents of Louisiana Awards to Louisiana Artists and Scholars (ATLAS) Award Recipients
from the School of Liberal Arts

Andrew Horowitz, Department of History
Karissa Haugeberg, Department of History

2017 Newcomb Institute Mortar Board Teaching Awards given to School of Liberal Arts Faculty
Katherine Johnson, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

2017 John Stibbs Award for Outstanding Faculty Member
Awarded by the Tulane Undergraduate Student Government
Mohan Ambikaipaker, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication



School of Liberal Arts Phi Beta Kappa 2017 New Inductees
Ellis H. Adler – Jewish Studies
Marie Annelise Blanchard – Gender & Sexual Studies, Psychology
Alyssa Rose Cruse – Music Performance
Adhira Divagaran – Cell & Molecular Biology, Art Studio
Madeline Marie Goebel – History
Allison Sears Head – History, Asian Studies
Samantha Charles Krupicka – Communication, English
John Paul Li – English, Physics, Mathematics
Nicholas Grabel Miller – Political Science, Philosophy
Marissa Morrow – Public Health, French
Edward Steven Point – Mathematics, Economics
Ashton Miller Robinson – History
Leigh Rachel Shapiro – Political Science, Psychology
Jamie Rebecca Albaum – Political Science, International Relations, Spanish
Jimmy Brown – Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Classical Studies
Jaclyn Cole – Political Science
Audrey Davis – Sociology
Claire Elyse Dockery – Economics, German
Caroline Flynn – Public Health, International Development
Madeleine A. Grove – Psychology, Classical Studies
Natalie Kucharik – Public Health, Anthropology
Emma Clare Lewis – Psychology, Anthropology
Jamie Danielle Logan – English, Classical Studies
Palmer Mills – Political Science, Sociology, English
Michael Scott Moulin – Psychology, Political Science
Prisha Patel – Sociology
Rose Robinson – English
Stephen Bradley Samolsky – Political Science
Hannah Martin Dean – Latin American Studies, Political Science
Natalie Hope George – Economics
Emma Grace Lane Hurler – Public Health, Political Science
Robert Moss Oltman-Keller – Political Economy
Ruoxi Li – Economics, Sociology
Hannah Mauer – Psychology, Linguistics
Natalie Pilgeram – Neuroscience, Cognitive Studies
Jonathan D. Rizner – Music, Spanish
Catherine Holly Sellier – Sociology
Charles Cody Siler – English, Political Science, International Relations
Kidd Duhe Solomon – Political Science, International Relations
Alec Stewart – Mathematics, Economics
Stephanie Trautmann – Neuroscience, Linguistics
Paula Marie Venables – Anthropology
Hannah Swerbenski – Psychology, Asian Studies, Cognitive Studies
Bryce Thompson – Political Science, English
Mia Danielle Tucker – Political Science, International Development
Rachel Tenenbaum – Psychology, Linguistics
Copeland Wells Whitney – Economics

School of Liberal Arts 2017 Tulane34 Award Recipients
Miranda Hendrix – BA in Philosophy with a minor in Spanish
Nicole Marie Katin – PhD in Anthropology
John Paul Li – BA in English, Physics, and Math
Mikayla Stern-Ellis – BA in Anthropology, Ecology, and Evolutionary Biology
Lilith D. Winkler-Schor – BA in Social Policy and Practice and Political Science, BFA in Studio Arts
Maggie Zhang – BA in Economics and Public Health with a minor in Business
Alexandria Williams – BA in Sociology and Africana Studies

2017 Newcomb-Tulane College Senior Awards within the School of Liberal Arts

The Program in Africana Studies
Felipe Smith Jr. Award for Excellence in Africana Studies
Olivia Wreford

The Department of Anthropology
The Arden R. King Award for Excellence in Anthropology
Wayne J. Hahnebohm
The Elizabeth S. Watts Award for Outstanding Achievement in Physical Anthropology
Mikayla R. Stern-Ellis
The Robert Wauchope Award for Excellence in Anthropology
Tyler C. Michael
The Victoria Reifler Bricker Award for Excellence in Linguistics
Eva Frances Joy Hitchcock

The Newcomb Department of Art
The Alberta “Rusty” Collier Award for Outstanding Studio Art Major in
2-Dimensional Work
Marisa Chafetz
The Alberta “Rusty” Collier Award for Outstanding Studio Art Major in
3-Dimensional Work
Lilith Winkler-Schor
Outstanding Art History Major Award
Xiaochen (Coco) Zhang
The Class of 1914 Prize in Art
Elizabeth B. Carey
The Sandra Sandy Chism Memorial Award in Painting
Adhira Divagaran

The Department of Classical Studies
The Ernest Henry Riedel Classical Studies Prize
Madeleine A. Grove
The George H. Terriberry Classical Prize
Jimmy Brown
The Judah Touro Medal
Joseph P. Bardot

The Department of Communication
The Ashton Phelps Sr. Memorial Award
Samantha C. Krupicka
The Glendy Burke Medal in Communication
Eleyna D. Langley

The Department of Economics
 The J. Ernest Tanner Award for Excellence in Economics
Ruoxi (Rosie) Li
The Mathematical Economics Award
Alec T. Stewart
The Newcomb College Award in Economics
Brooke A. Satterfield
The Paul Tulane College Award in Economics
Copeland W. Whitney
The Research Award in Economics
Maggie M. Zhang

The Department of English
A Studio in the Woods Residency for an Outstanding Senior in Creative Writing
Jamie D. Logan
The Class of 1903 Shakespeare Prize for Best Shakespearean Essay by a Woman
Kathy Q. Le
The Dale Edmonds Prize for Best Short Story by an Undergraduate
Jeremy W. Arnold
The Donald Pizer Award in American Literature
Rose R. Robinson
The Henry Clay Stier Award in English
John Paul Li
The Pierce Butler Prize for Excellence in English
Charles Cody Siler
The Senior Achievement Prize for Excellence in Creative Writing
Maeve T. Holler
The Senior Service Award in Creative Writing
Kayla M. Jackson

The Department of French and Italian
The Alcée Fortier Memorial Prize
Brett D. Levinson
The French Government Prize
Rebecca G. Murphy
The Italian Government Prize for Excellence in Italian
James A. Capuzzi
Gabriel R. Rodriguez
James M. Scott
The Jonathan Lorino Memorial Prize
Grace M. Leyrer
The Louis Bush Medal
Jenna L. Miller
The Charles Oscar Maas Prize in French & Italian
Gabrielle Marie Gardiner
Eva Frances Joy Hitchcock

The Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies
The Award for the Outstanding Senior in Gender and Sexuality Studies
Maeve Holler

The Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies
The Ann Royal Arthur Memorial Award
Sean S. Bray
Ashton M. Robinson
The John T. Krumpelmann Award
Claire E. Dockery
The Russian Book Prize for Achievement in the Russian Language
Andrew Crawford
The Russian Award
Ian Rohr
The Sally Reed Atkins Award
Claire E. Dockery

The Department of History
The Chi Omega Prize in History
Allison S. Head
Madeline M. Goebel
The Montgomery History Award
Ashton N. Robinson
The Prize for Excellence in Latin American, Middle Eastern, African, or Asian History
Grace Leyrer
The Sidney Beyer Prize for Excellence in American History
Madeline M. Goebel

The Program in International Development
The Eamon Kelly Prize
Leslie A. Schwed
Director’s Prize for Best Paper
Irena G. Brates
Eden B. Saltzman
The International Development Undergraduate Prize
Meredith C. McInturff
The Director’s Prize for International Development Work
Sophia R. Love

The Department of Jewish Studies
The Dr. Bernard Kaufman Essay Contest Award
Ellis Adler
The Ephraim Lisitzky Memorial Award
Alexa Dayan
Max Lippman
Paige Skinner
The Dr. Lawrence J. Kanter and Julie Kanter Award
Shelby Gadol
Rebecca Shafron

The Program in Linguistics
The Excellence in Linguistics Award
Eva Frances Joy Hitchcock

The Program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
The Medieval and Early Modern Studies Prize
Sarah Wiely

The Newcomb Department of Music
The Sarah I. Nadler Memorial Award in Music
Alyssa R. Cruse
Nicholas M. Ferreirae

The Department of Philosophy
The Anne Butler Hess Award
Cary D. Krongard
The Mary B. Scott Memorial Prize
Madeline Goebel

The Murphy Institute – Political Economy
The Charles H. Murphy Prize in Political Economy
Robert O. Kellner
Danielle T. Roof
The Murphy Institute Public Service Award
Maya Y. Welch

The Department of Political Science
The Charles E. Dunbar Jr. Fellowship in Political Science
Margaret Martin
Connor Mulvey
The Class of 1935 - Ned Putzell Memorial Prize
Giulia D. Clerici
The Mary B. Scott Memorial Prize
Emma Hurler
The Pi Sigma Alpha Award
Stephen Samolsky
The Shirley Wiel Greengus Memorial Award for Achievement in Political Science
Lilith Winkler-Schor
The S. Walter Stern 1905 Memorial Medal
Anna Bauman

The Department of Sociology
The Outstanding Student in Sociology Award
Ruoxi (Rosie) Li
The Phi Mu Award in Sociology
Samantha E. Dietz

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese
The Hispano-American Studies Prize
Grant R. Lewis
Julia A. Mudd
Jonathan D. Rizner
The Iberian Studies Prize
Eva G. Stoops
The Luso-Brazilian Studies Prize
Micayla A. Mead

The Newcomb Department of Theatre and Dance
The Dorothy Young Memorial Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Keyara Milliner
The Elizabeth B. Delery Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance
Annie Ceicel Gambino
Eleyna D. Langley
The Janice Torre Perky Memorial Award for Excellence in Original or Creative Writing
Elizabeth Wittenberg
The Jill Karp Prize in Dance Performance
Ilana A. Ruben
The Minnette L. Starts Award for Excellence in Dance
Keiko M. Leong
Garic K. Barranger Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Mackenzie Hively
The Sheila Richardson Lee Memorial Award for Excellence in Production Design

Noele Kyle Cunanan

2017 School of Liberal Arts Students who received Newcomb-Tulane College Senior Honors Scholars
The distinction of senior honors scholar is bestowed upon the one student (or, occasionally, students) each department or program considers to be their very best, taking into account the quality of the student’s senior thesis, the student’s performance in courses, and the student’s other contributions to his or her field.
Tyler Michael, Anthropology
Mikayla Stern-Ellis, Anthropology
Jolene George, Classical Studies
Ruoxi (Rosie) Li, Economics
Natalie Barman, English
Maeve Holler, English
Liat Perlin, Environmental Studies
Andrew Crawford, Germanic and Slavic Studies
Ian Rohr, Germanic and Slavic Studies
Madeline Goebel, History
Ellis Adler, Jewish Studies
Hannah Dean, Latin American Studies
Alyssa Cruse, Music
Jolene George, Philosophy
Robert Kellner, Political Economy
Kidd Duhe Solomon, Political Science
Audrey Davis, Sociology

School of Liberal Arts Students who received 2017 Public Service Awards
Irena Brates
Chardee Bryant
Emma Colbran
Phoebe Coughlin
Lauren Desatnick
Samantha Dietz
Kirsten Hill
Kayla Jackson
Rory Loo
Phoebe Mendelson
Bailey Monsour
Liat Perlin
Rahul Polu
Lilith Winkler-Schor

The Jim Runsdorf Excellence in Public Service Student Award
Kayla M. Jackson
Lilith Winkler-Schor

2017 School of Liberal Arts U.S. STUDENT FULBRIGHT PROGRAM Recipients
Jaclyn Taylor Cole
Hannah Martin Dean
Claire Elyse Dockery
Sarah Ruth Haensly
Alexa Katharina Haverlah

2017 School of Liberal Arts Critical Language Scholarship
Ian Rohr - Political Science, International Relations, and Russian

Clara Rudi Howell – English and Neuroscience

Harry S. Truman Scholarship
Lilith Winkler-Schor – Political Science, Social Policy and Practice, and Art Studio

Max Kade Fellowship
Sean Bray, graduating senior in German Studies and Political Economy, has been awarded a Max Kade Fellowship to study at the University of Regensburg, Germany, during the academic year 2017-18.

The Isoline Rodd Kendall and John Smith Kendall Award
This award is given annually to a student who excels in both academic and extracurricular accomplishments. This award alternates yearly between male and female recipients.
Kidd Duhe Solomon – Political Science (International Relations), English

The Edward Ambrose Bechtel Medal for Cocurricular Achievement
This medal is awarded to the senior man in the liberal arts and sciences who has made the most significant contributions to the extracurricular life of the college.
James Capuzzi – Classical Studies, Italian

The William Wallace Peery Medal for Academic Excellence
This award is bestowed each year upon the member of the William Wallace Peery Society who has achieved the most distinguished academic record. The recipient is chosen by ta special committee, which considers each candidate’s grades and course selections, as well as recommendations submitted by faculty members. The Peery Medal is ultimately awarded to the student who best exemplifies Dr. Peery’s education philosophy, which stresses breadth and depth of learning and encourages students to work at the level of their greatest capacity.
John Paul Li – English, Physics, Mathematics



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