Marcus Booth

Marcus Booth

M.A. in Music Composition, San Diego State University
BA. in Music Composition (minor in mathematics), Tulane University


Newcomb 107

(504) 865-5347

Academic Interests

  • Philosophy of Music
  • Aesthetics
  • Epistemology
  • Philosophy of Mathematics
  • Philosophy of Language

Presentations and Conferences

  • (forthcoming) "The Aesthetics of Foundational Emotions: Seven Piano Works with Commentary on the Musical Logic of Jaak Panksepp's Affective Neuroscience." Fall 2017: Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
  • (forthcoming) "The Theoretical Love Song: Part 2," Conservatorio Municipal de Valencia. Fall 2017: Valencia, Spain. 
  • "Primal-Circular Substitutions," Sixth International Conference on Mathematics and Computation in Music. 2017: Mexico City, Mexico.
  • "Braingame #1," New West Evolving Arts and Music Organization Festival. 2017: Tokyo, Japan. 
  • "The Theoretical Love Song: Part 1," Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique: Cursus. 2016: Paris, France. 
  • "Hamiltonian Reharmonization Mapping by Cyclical Codependencies in Z12," IRCAM: Music Representations. 2016: Paris, France
  • "Intentionality, Control, and Complexity in Composition: Around and Beyond the Serial-Aleatoric Distinction," American Experimentalism Colloquia. 2015: San Diego, California.
  • "Crowdsourced Music: Some Compositional and Improvisational Paradigms: Census Experiments #1-3." Signal Chain Art Series, 10th Avenue Arts Center. 2015: San Diego, California.

Tulane University, Department of Philosophy, 105 Newcomb Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5305