Philosophy in Tulane's Curriculum

Tulane's undergraduate curriculum has the following requirements:

  • Math or "formal thought" (proficiency)
  • Humanities and fine arts (distribution)
  • Sciences and math (distribution)

Other Points:

  • Courses which you use to satisfy the proficiency requirement do not count towards distribution requirements.
  • The mathematics proficiency can be satisfied by PHIL 1210 Elementary Symbolic Logic.
  • The humanities and fine arts distribution can be satisfied by ANY philosophy course.

Elementary Symbolic Logic (Phil 1210), cannot be used to satisfy the sciences and mathematics distribution requirement. However, if you have already satisfied the mathematics proficiency requirement and want to take Elementary Symbolic Logic, you can still get a course for the sciences and mathematics distribution requirement. Simply ask your Dean's Office to label Elementary Symbolic Logic as your mathematics proficiency course and have the course you already took for the proficiency requirement count towards the distribution requirement instead.

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